Our 2024 - 2025 Course Calendar

This is our current events list. Always stay tuned for new events that may appear in the near future.

Trainers: Stephen Gilligan The Positive Power of the Creative Mind 11 - 14 Oct 2024
Trainers: John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carroll NLP Practitioner and International Coaching Certification 05 - 18 May 2025
Trainers: Michael Carroll NLP Core Skills for Personal Excellence 05 - 09 May 2025 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Trainers: John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carroll International Coaching Certification with Emergent New Code NLP 11 - 18 May 2025 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Trainers: Michael Carroll NLP Master Practitioner Certification 02 - 14 Jun 2025

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The mission of the NLP Academy is ‘to set the educational standard in the field.’ We do this through constantly pushing the boundaries, offering the highest quality of resources to our family of students and post graduate community.

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