Trainers: Stephen Gilligan

The Positive Power of the Creative Mind

11 - 14 Oct 2024 Live in London - Venue TBC

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Attend this live four-day event in London, and experience a deep dive in to your Creative Mind guided by leading hypnosis expert, Dr Stephen Gilligan.
The human power to create or influence a course of events can create harmony or chaos and both simultaneously. When an ego-locked part of a system tries to dominate and control the whole, the negative power produces symptoms and unnecessary suffering leading to what we interpret as failure.


Positive power awakens when identity drops into the unbroken wholeness of the (natural/nonverbal) creative unconscious, with the skill and commitment to “differentiate then integrate” the core parts of the conscious (verbal/virtual) mind.
The Creative Mind contrasts these two types of power, and lays out methods to both transform problems and create sustainable positive futures.

The workshop will explore this approach in highly practical ways. Each day will include theoretical frameworks, specific techniques and applications, demonstrations, and exercises.

  • Your training certificates

    • A general framework for the Creative Mind of positive power

    • A 7-step model for implementing the approach – any applications to both individuals and larger system (e.g., negative habits, transforming shadows, integrating conflicting sides, activating sustainable generative states, creative flow states)

    • Ways to shift people into deep creative consciousness states

    • Different methods for ensuring the two necessary levels for sustainable positive change: the underlying nonverbal/nature generative field, and the aesthetic balance of the different (sometimes contradictory) parts in play.

    The Creative Mind work is the culmination of 50 years of intensive exploration by Dr. Gilligan, starting with early NLP, then Ericksonian hypnotherapy, then his Self-Relations and Generative Trance/Coaching work. The multiple crises of the past 5 years have illuminated the deep need for generative transformation at both individual and collective levels, and this work is the result. Come prepared for an amazing experience!

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