Trainers: Michael Carroll

NLP Core Skills for Personal Excellence

05 - 09 May 2025 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm Hotel Vila Galé Lagos (Portugal)

Course details

During five days, with NLP Academy Founder, Michael Carroll, you will take a deep dive into NLP Core Skills for personal and professional excellence. You can attend this immersive experience either live in Portugal or online.


NLP began originally as the study of excellence, when the NLP co-founders modelled a group of Change Agents who were consistently producing amazing results in their work to enable people to totally change their mindset and break free of their limitations.


At this NLP Core Skills course, you will learn NLP tools and techniques for reading body language as well as patterns for non-verbal influence, deep rapport, effective communication and persuasion.


The tools you learn here can be applied in any area of life such as business excellence, personal excellence, education, parenting and relationships, in fact any life area which involves engaging positively with people.


You can also apply what you learn to engage with yourself more positively, break free of your own limiting patens to live your life with more freedom, more positivity and more joy.

The learnings from The NLP Core Skills Diploma have a lifelong application for use across different areas ranging from family communication, to business influence and life leadership. NLP is often referred to as the study of excellence, and this module goes to the core of that principle offering you a unique opportunity to address what has held you back previously and reach for excellence across all life areas.

  • Learning Points

    • Acute observation and pattern detection skills – building visual and auditory awareness to calibrate the subtleties in body language and tonal shifts in clients

    • Non verbal influence by entering another person’s world

    • Leading non verbally through micro muscle mirroring

    • Multi level communication approaches – overlapping language from the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic systems

    • Linguistic re-modelling, active listening skills to enable a person to naturally re-language a problem into a solution

    • Language detection and utilisation, listening to and utilising person’s preferred channel of speech to make deep connections

    • Perceptual awareness, constructing rich mental maps for understanding motivation and intention in self and other, and gaining objectivity as observer

    • Anchoring – the art and skill of capturing and manoeuvring states to blow out problems and have instant access to resources

    • Submodalities – the core structure of our internal awareness, how to change the subtleties.

After this course, you will have a precise skill set for enhanced business and personal relationships, tools for linguistic excellence for engagement and influence and strategies to coach yourself and others from limiting mindsets to mental maps which are more constructive.

  • Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a Core Skills NLP Diploma

This course will also give you eligibility to attend The International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP taking place on 11 – 18 May 2025

Your training options

Live Training

  • Join training daily with course colleagues

  • Take part in exercises guided by live mentors

  • Work with people from all over the world

Live Stream Training

  • Join daily live interactive sessions via Zoom

  • Take part in breakout room exercises guided by mentors

  • Work with people from all over the world

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£2,300.00 + IVA (£2,829.00)

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£1,265.00 + 23% VAT (£1.556.00)

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Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the Founder and Course Director of The NLP Academy, established in 1996. As a co–developer of New Code NLP, Michael formalised the training structures of New Code patterning for courses at different levels within the International Trainers and Coaching Academy of NLP (ITCA) which was set up by Michael, John and Carmen to benchmark high standards in the NLP field.

Prior to his NLP career, Michael owned a hugely successful Financial Services Consultancy, where he developed a fascination with psychological business methods. This led to his early studies of NLP and gaining a BSc in Psychology. Today, with 25 years of training and coaching experience, Michael is one of the leading educators in the field who continues to push the boundaries for innovation and high standards.

Vila Galé Lagos

Address: Rua Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Meia Praia
8600-295 Lagos, Portugal