The NLP Academy is the UK is leading centre of NLP Learning and Excellence, we deliver the highest quality NLP Educational Programmes available in the UK today.

Our syllabus ranges from personal and corporate excellence courses, to the highest class of NLP Certification. Our Graduates attain the Highest Level of distinction and ability available anywhere in the UK.

The NLP Academy was founded in 1996 by Michael Carroll one of the UKs Leading NLP Master Trainers. Motivated by his desire to bring back the highest quality into the field of NLP and fuelled with innovation, creativity and enthusiasm NLP Academy has brought new levels of excellence into the field of NLP. While our competitors seek to pile em high we deliver a rich learning experience that can not be achieved in huge auditoriums. We deliver the very best for you to achieve personal excellence through Real NLP. The NLP Academy is the Harvard University of NLP.

Our Mission

The mission of the NLP Academy is to set the educational standard in the field. We do this through constantly pushing the boundaries, offering the highest quality of resources to our family of students and post graduate community.

Attend a course with the NLP Academy and you will find a hub of intellectual excellence integrated with real world application. This means you can immediately put your NLP knowledge to work. With The NLP Academy you will enjoy an environment of innovative learning being in the company of like minded people also dedicated to quality. You instantly become a member of a community committed to personal professional excellence.

The Academy Welcoms You

The NLP Academy is the only UK NLP company that has invested in our students learning by creating our own custom built Training Centre of Excellence.

When you attend an NLP Academy course, you welcomed into our home, and treated as our guest. The difference is you will experience a far deeper and richer learning experience than if you took a course in a crammed and noisy hotel and other venues that most NLP companies use. NLP Academy founder Michael Carroll, says your development is far too important to offer you a second rate experience in a noisy, clumsy hotel, devoid of personality. Instead we seek to create an ideal learning environment in our centre. In addition, we have recruited the best NLP minds on the planet, to offer what I believe to be the finest NLP training available in this part of the world. The Academy is based in Croydon, Surrey, 20 minutes south of London by train, 30 minutes from the M25 and 40 minutes from Gatwick Airport.

Leading The Way

The NLP Academy since its inception quickly became a leader in the field. When the Academy moves others follow. The Academy was the first company to develop a true accelerated learning approach for NLP Training. To support our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses we developed the NLPedia Study Sets. The study sets are in full multi media format and enable our learners to transform their computers into a personal NLP learning centre and bring Michael Carroll’s trainings into their homes. While others have now followed this approach, none have quite reached the same standard in terms of depth and full multi media functionality.

The NLP Academy was also the first NLP Company to be licensed by Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies, to teach the fabulously successful accelerated learning and reading system PhotoReading. Again other NLP companies have followed suit, but Michael Carroll led the way, and teaches more people to PhotoRead in the UK than any other trainer.

What is New Code NLP?

The NLP Academy is the UKs number 1 Corporate Trainer of NLP and Corporate and Communication Excellence. We offer a suite of courses to ensure corporate excellence. These courses range from:

Supreme High Achievers Programmes
Executive Training

Business Application Training

  • The Business Coach

  • Introduction to Sales

  • Advanced NLP Selling Skills

The NLP Academy has researched and integrated NLP processes into applications to enhance corporate excellence. The NLP Academy delivers any of our public programmes in house or can design a specialist course based on the corporate needs. The courses range from sales, customer services, team building, leadership skills, presenting skills and accelerated learning.

Upcoming events

Trainers: Stephen Gilligan The Positive Power of the Creative Mind 11 - 14 Oct 2024
Trainers: John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carroll NLP Practitioner and International Coaching Certification 05 - 18 May 2025
Trainers: Michael Carroll NLP Core Skills for Personal Excellence 05 - 09 May 2025 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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