Trainers: John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Michael Carroll

International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP

11 - 18 May 2025 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm Hotel Vila Galé Lagos (Portugal)

Course Details

This exciting International Certification, taught by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll stands out on the basis that it incorporates New Code NLP as a primary model for coaching as well as the specialist dynamic coaching formats designed and utilised by the trainers in their own coaching practices.

Additionally, John Grinder will be sharing his latest work known as Emergent New Code NLP, a series of models John has developed from his most recent one to one coaching work with clients. These patterns are the most up to date work from John Grinder and will provide the new coaches with a series of finely tuned tools for coaching elegance and excellence.

The lead venue for the Training is in Lagos, Portugal with Michael Carroll live in person and John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair training via live stream to the live class. There are also Satellite Venues in Switzerland, Tunisia, India & Guatemala, where you will experience the full training from John, Carmen and Michael via live stream teaching to a live class. The exercises will be facilitated by a selected Grinder, Bostic, Carroll Trainer. The satellite venue option is ideal for people who would like to study locally and receive the full certification. Additionally there is an online option for those who would prefer to study at home, please note the certification is different for those studying at home.

There are two parts to the programme, Part One is The New Code NLP for Coaching Excellence programme, delivered by John, Carmen and Michael on 12 – 19 May 2024 leading to certification as New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence.

Part Two occurs in the 12 weeks after the course, where the coach takes part in an online coaching assessment observed by an NLP Academy evaluator leading to certification as an International NLP Coach.

To attend, you will already be certified as an NLP Practitioner (or equivalent) or attended the NLP Academy Core Skills course. Most attendees have a goal to embark on a coaching career or will already be working in the helping professions and want to incorporate New Code NLP and the dynamic coaching framework that John, Carmen and Michael have developed into their practices.

Welcome to the International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP directly with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, live in Lagos, Portugal with satellite venues in 3 continents simultaneously.

Plus, there is an online at home experience for people who want to learn from John, Carmen and Michael in the comfort of their home.

This is the ONLY course in the world that John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair teach live in person and is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a passion for personal and professional development to learn NLP with from most experienced and knowable NLP training team on the planet, Dr John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, who collectively have 111 years of training and coaching experience and their knowledge expertise is unrivalled in the field of NLP and Coaching.

Additionally, we have satellite venues in Switzerland, Canada, Guatemala, Tunisia, Philippines and India for people who are not able to travel to Portugal to experience John, Carmen and Michael’s teaching via video link. In the satellite classes, the exercises are supervised by a satellite trainer who has been selected by John, Carmen and Michael for their skills and expertise to provide the highest quality of experience and certification to the satellite attendees.

All courses have one FREE REPEAT OPTION.

  • Part One: New Code NLP for Coaching Excellence

    11 – 18 May 2025
    with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll


    New Code NLP underpins this course incorporating models which provide rapid and lasting change in clients. In the New Code NLP for Coaching Excellence Module, you will be immersing yourself in some of the most change processes for personal evolution available.


    NLP was the original coaching model with the first model ‘the meta model’ as a tool for directing attention to different aspects in the client’s map. NLP rapidly grew as a system for enabling anyone to have more choice in life. Coaching is about creating choice where previously choices were lacking. In this course you will learn tools to help yourself and your clients experience more choice in life.


    New Code NLP emerged in NLP in the post Grinder / Bandler years, developed by Grinder and Bostic to provide a radical framework for a more efficient form of NLP. New Code NLP utilises optimised states in the change process and formats to ensure personal congruency in clients to leverage deep and lasting change in accordance with their target.

    A unique element to the International Coaching Certification is the specialist coaching models you will learn from John, Carmen and Michael who have developed these processes from their extensive experience in their own coaching practices. The Specialist Coaching Models integrate Classic and New Code NLP patterning and will give you a structure for coaching your clients that is different from anything out there in the coaching world.

    New Code NLP is constantly developing and you are assured of the latest coaching models. In recent years, John Grinder has developed new coaching models, known as Emergent New Code NLP, which he will be sharing for the first time in this course.


    The evaluation day takes place on the 19 May 2024 where participants will participate in a series of practical exercises to demonstrate their skill and competency on what was covered during the course.

    The following certificate will be awarded on completion of successful evaluation:

    • New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence


    Learning points

      • The Original New Code NLP Change Format – the way to set up the change format for state transference to be an automatic process

      • Emergent New Code NLP, John Grinder’s most recent work

      • New deep coaching processes, developed by John Grinder in 2022 and 2023 from his most up to date client sessions, now known as Emergent New Code NLP

      • State erasers – formats for wiping clean historic states which carry fear, anxiety and stress

      • State optimisers – a key element of New Code NLP for high performance to be natural

      • Working with the unconscious mind – setting up a robust communication system between conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to ecologically harness previously offline resources

      • Working with extreme unwanted states, which come so quickly a person loses control or build incrementally the client is not aware of the negative shift until they are immersed and stuck in an unwanted state

      • The Three Stage Coaching Protocol to work at the levels of problem construction, leveraging resources, and setting up an exciting future

      • Non-linear coaching – utilising non-verbal communication, provocation, misdirection, tasking, active metaphors and other specialist communication

      • Working with internal incongruencies which previously have prevented change

      • How to align the inner voice, unconscious resistance with intentions and outcomes creating an inner resource team to build consistency in life.

      The New Code NLP skills offered on this course can be applied across different professional capacities for improved performance. Business people, educators, retailers, community workers and change agents all will gain invaluable skills from this course as will anyone whose life activities involve engaging people for higher levels of accomplishment.

    • Part Two: International NLP Coaching Certification

      International NLP Coaching Certification, is an additional option for those learners who seek accreditation as an International NLP Coach through the NLP Academy. This evaluation takes place 4- 12 weeks after the course. The coach arranges a live client session in his/her own place of work and conducts the coaching session following the coaching assessment criteria. The session will be between 45 minutes and one hour and observed by an NLP Academy evaluator. After the session the coach will receive video feedback in his or her performance and if the evaluation is successful will be awarded certification as an International NLP Coach.


      When the coach passes this evaluation, they will be awarded certification as an:


      • International NLP Coach


      Coaching is one of the most exciting and rewarding applications of NLP. It is also one of the most prosperous with NLP trained coaches creating an abundant lifestyle for themselves, whilst stimulating change, creativity and choice for clients. This course is for those who have started their NLP journey and are now seeking to upgrade their skills to commence a coaching based career, or want to incorporate coaching into their current profession. This International Certification has all the components to propel you into something very exciting.

    Your training certificates

    Live Training

    Part One and Two – Live in Portugal or a Satellite Class

    • NLP Practitioner Classic Code

    • New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence

    Mixed Training

    Part One – Online
    Part Two – Live in Portugal or Satellite Class

    • NLP Practitioner Classic Code

    • New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence

    Online Training

    Part One and Two – Online

    • NLP Classic Code Diploma

    • New Code NLP Diploma for Coaching Excellence

    Your training options

    Live Training

    Part One and Two - Live in Portugal or a Satellite Class

    • Join training daily with course colleagues

    • Take part in exercises guided by live mentors

    • Work with people from all over the world

    Live Stream Training

    Part One and Two - Live in Portugal or a Satellite Class

    • Join daily live interactive sessions via Zoom

    • Take part in breakout room exercises guided by mentors

    • Work with people from all over the world

    New Code NLP Investment

    Part one

    Full Investment

    £3,500.00 + IVA (£4305.00)

    Early Booking Offer

    Outside of European Union


    Inside of European Union

    £2,000.00 + 23% IVA (£2,460.00)

    Part One & Two*

    Full Investment

    £3,800.00 + IVA (£4,674.00)

    Early Booking Offer

    Outside of European Union


    Inside of European Union

    £2,300.00 + 23% IVA (£2,760.00)

    * Includes an additional £300 for Part Two

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    John Grinder

    John Grinder, is the co-creator of Classic NLP and New Code NLP and has authored 16 books on NLP related subjects. John brought his expertise from his PhD in linguistics specialising in syntax theory to co–create NLP in the early 1970s.

    Not one to stand still, John, in collaboration with Carmen Bostic St Clair updated his work on Classic NLP to create New Code NLP and in doing so radically extended the reach and efficiency of NLP change work. Both as an academic and innovator, John leads the field of NLP with passion and creativity equal to when he co-invented NLP 50 years ago.

    Carmen Bostic St. Clair

    Carmen Bostic St Clair, has been a driving force in modernising NLP and together with John Grinder is the co-creator of New Code NLP. Prior to acquiring her doctorate in Jurisprudence, Carmen was an educator who won a national award for her ingenuity in creating inductive learning contexts for students to learn naturally.

    When she met John Grinder, Carmen was the CEO of a holding company with 27 subsidiaries and brought her extensive experience to the Corporate Consultancy business Quantum Leap, which she co founded with John Grinder. As an NLP leader, with 34 years of commitment to excellence, Carmen has taken NLP to new areas of application, particularly in the sectors of business and coaching.

    Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll is the Founder and Course Director of The NLP Academy, established in 1996. As a co–developer of New Code NLP, Michael formalised the training structures of New Code patterning for courses at different levels within the International Trainers and Coaching Academy of NLP (ITCA) which was set up by Michael, John and Carmen to benchmark high standards in the NLP field.

    Prior to his NLP career, Michael owned a hugely successful Financial Services Consultancy, where he developed a fascination with psychological business methods. This led to his early studies of NLP and gaining a BSc in Psychology. Today, with 25 years of training and coaching experience, Michael is one of the leading educators in the field who continues to push the boundaries for innovation and high standards.

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