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Experienced coaches - I know that you wish to share what works for you, and this is good, and will you do that now, or in just a minute?  ;-)
Posted: 09 September 2015 09:40 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I’ve just returned from the coaching course in Murcia.  I’m in the process of applying what I’m (still) learning with real people (for free) to both improve their lives, and hone my own coaching skills.
I would like to do a good job for my new clients, so wish to go in prepared (and yes, also be ready for anything that I am not pre-prepared for too - thank you John).

My general setup will be:
- Framing of interaction.
- Verbal package: help the client determine their intention, hidden intention, how and when.
- Task/games/interventions. 
Obviously flexibility is key, as is trusting my sub-conscious to guide me in the right direction.  Also rapport, calibration, pacing and leading etc are a given.
I haven’t much experience with ‘real’ clients yet, so I wondered if some of the more experienced among you would mind sharing what you have found to work successfully?  I’m currently thinking along the lines of:
- for compulsions (smoking, chocolate, weight loss, alcohol etc), try N-step reframe and/or new code game.
- for simple habits (nail biting, hair pulling etc), try swish, n-step reframe or new code game.
- for state issues (phobia, nervousness, shyness, fear etc), try new code games.

Any thoughts/comments, particularly from the experienced practitioner are most welcome.

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