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Welcome to the NLP Academy, the leading training provider of NLP courses. Enjoy browsing our site where you will find information on NLP certification courses ranging from NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training and NLP Trainers Training. The lead training team consists of NLP co-creator John Grinder , New Code NLP co-creator Carmen Bostic St Clair and New Code NLP developer and Master NLP Trainer Michael Carroll. Your NLP qualification is issued through the ITA and is internationally recognised for its authenticity and prestige. Train with the NLP Academy and you are assured that your NLP Training experience is with one of the most respected companies in the world.

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We run a host of other programs for personal and professional development. You can attend a hypnosis course with Stephen Gilligan Ph.D or Master Hypnosis trainer Michael Carroll. You can take advantage of business excellence courses for sales, leadership, negotiation or public speaking. You can get more out of life by attending an NLP personal development course. Whatever your outcome, you will find an NLP course here to suit your needs. Since launching in 1996, the NLP Academy is proud to have provided training for over 50,000 people in NLP around the world, a figure that stands out as something others aspire to. What's more with the NLP Academy, the focus is on quality so you are assured a first class training course from one of the most experienced providers in the world. You deserve the best so train with the leaders.
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NLP Coaching Certification with New Code NLP

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With John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair, Michael Carroll
Starts 3rd September 2014

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An Introduction to The Art & Science of Hypnosis

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With Russell Potts
Starts 4th September 2014

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The Healer Within

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With John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair
Starts 12th September 2014

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NLP Trainers Training

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With Michael Carroll, John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair
Starts 14th September 2014

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'Love Public Speaking' - Advanced Training and Presentation Skills

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With John Grinder, Michael Carroll, Carmen Bostic St. Clair
Starts 14th September 2014

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Business NLP Practitioner

43 days left to book!
With Michael Carroll
Starts 16th October 2014

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Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is founder and course director of the NLP Academy. He is a certified Master Trainer of NLP (the highest level in the field) and a master trainer of hypnosis. Michael's courses are profound learning experiences flowing into every outlet of your life. In the words of his clients he is a "training genius".

John Grinder

John Grinder is the co-creator of NLP and one of the greatest thinkers of our lifetime. Dr Grinder's work is documented in well over 1000 other educational books on from specialist NLP matters, psychology, sales, negotiation, management, parenting and accelerated learning.

Carmen Bostic St Clair

Carmen is an expert in cultural change, corporate excellence, team formation, leadership models and learning. Carmen has held senior political research posts in government administration. (The White House Committee of the Development of Small and Business Advisory Council representative from California).

The illusion of negative parts, emotions and behaviours and your appendix has a use after all’

August 2014

By Michael Carroll

NLP is a field with many influences and has spread rapidly around the world. Around the mid 1980s an alternative discourse emerged in the field which was very different from anything the originators had propagated. Content models were introduced and theories added which did not resemble the original NLP ideology namely that NLP creates choices for people by working with their unique structures. Instead sloppy global statements were used to sell a story an...

An Introduction to The Art & Science of Hypnosis

As the legendary psychiatrist and hypnotherapist Dr Milton Erickson once said "Hypnosis is one of the most important things a person can learn.". This is because our conscious awareness is only part of the story and it’s our unconscious mind that runs our learned behaviours , emotions , motivations as well as our nervous system. In this evening Russell will share his extensive hypnosis experience for participants to have taster of what can be done with hypnosis
Thursday 4th September 2014

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“Superb training, great atmosphere and the credibility of the Academy for certification is second to none.”
Rob Purfield