Trainers: Michael Carroll

Emergent New Code NLP Trainer Training

12 - 19 May 2024

Exclusively for ITCA New Code NLP Trainers

As an ITCA New Code NLP Trainer, John, Carmen and Michael are inviting you to join us with the release of the new patterning ‘Emergent New Code NLP’ and for you to be able to offer the Emergent New Code NLP as well as Original New Code NLP in your courses. Not only does this give you John Grinder’s latest work for your graduates to go deep in their coaching work, it gives you a commercial edge unrivalled in NLP.

The field of New Code NLP has gone through a major change in the last four years with significant new developments from John Grinder in his shift of attention from training public courses to coaching clients and mentoring ITCA coaches in their private client work.

12 -19 May is the first live course John and Carmen will be training at since 2019, and John will be launching Emergent New Code NLP also for the first time. That’s two amazing firsts, and we want you as an ITCA Trainer to be at this Premier. 

John began developing the new patterning in the pandemic  in his work with people suffering from long Covid, with incredible results. When the pandemic eased  John continued his work with private clients and from his Covid work re- modelled the existing New Code NLP Patterns for deep coaching for client work with  both general health and psychological issues, the new work is called Emergent New Code NLP.

 Emergent New Code NLP takes the field to a different  level to the extent we now have two classifications of New Code NLP

  • Original New Code NLP 

  • Emergent New Code NLP 

At the ‘ International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP’ course, the students will be evaluated in  ‘Original New Code NLP’ at the in-course evaluation on 19 May. They will be evaluated in  Emergent New Code NLP, at the International Coaching Certification in the period 4 – 12 weeks after the course where they will be observed on Zoom conducting a coaching session utilising New Code NLP with a client.

As an attendee of the Emergent New Code NLP Trainers Training, you will learn from John Grinder how to teach Emergent New Code NLP, and from Michael and Carmen how they apply Original New Code NLP in their coaching sessions and courses

There will be an additional day  with Michael on 1 June, on the evaluation  process for Emergent New Code NLP.  

Price includes 

  • Attendance at the International Coaching with New Code NLP, featuring the launch of Emergent New Code NLP as well as Original New Code NLP

  • Extra sessions as mentor with John to give you a deeper understanding of Emergent New Code NLP

  • Extra sessions with Michael and Carmen on the Original New Code NLP and how to integrate Emergent New Code NLP and Original New Code NLP

  • How to run an International Coaching Evaluation in the period after the course where the Practitioner/Coach works with a client to be certified as an International Coach

Graduates  will be approved to issue the following certifications through the ITA.

Graduates  will be approved to issue the following accreditation through ITCA


New Code NLP Trainer  in Original and Emergent New Code NLP And be an ITCA Evaluator for NLP International Coach

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