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Wow What a March

It’s been a great month here at the Academy; we’ve just completed our NLP Premier Practitioner with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll. It was a fantastic 2 weeks, we were joined by one of the most open, funny and special groups that I have ever worked with, though they all tend to be like that smile. The beauty of our 13 day intensive double track New & Classic Code approach is that our Practitioners have enough time to integrate, practice and have those breakthrough moments without us cramming the content into a 6 day course. We have found through teaching the Classic and New Code at the same time for you as practitioners is that you have the techniques wired inside of you completed unconsciously without the unnecessary need or focus on the theoretical side of NLP (you can concentrate on that after the practitioner if you wish to learn theory) .NLP is a doing subject like any skill or sport and that’s why we teach you to DO NLP here through NLP modelling, demonstrations and exercises. That way it keeps it relevant, fun and you achieve great results in the context of application you have chosen to apply NLP.

One of the philosophies of New Code NLP is continual development the exact same intention behind the creation of the in the first place, all three trainers have continued to develop and have developed some brand new patterning and applications of NLP as well. One of the examples of this is the just released ‘First Fluency Spanish’ course that is being held in the Murcia region of Spain in August. This is a phenomenal opportunity to model and apply NLP into this niche context. See this link for more information on this. LINK

Here is an article on this as well.

We’ve also run a number of shorter events such as NLP Past, Present and Future and PhotoReading and now it’s time to prepare for the next set of events NLP in the Sun!

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  • An amazing experience which has given me a lot to personally explore – both for me and in my job.

    Amanda Rowley
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