• Posted: February 2013
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Would you be coached by someone who hasn’t been coached?

This is an interesting question which I have been contemplating over the past few weeks. Personally I feel the best way to discuss this is to transfer the same theory across different contexts. Would you seek advice about investing from someone who has never invested? Or have golf lessons from someone who has never picked up a club? Though these are two fairly cut and dry examples it provokes an interesting conundrum when choosing who to work with, surely it makes sense to receive coaching from someone who has been through a successful coaching process themselves. At the same time with the same theory let’s say your outcome from coaching is to be a happy surely finding and modelling someone who is happy all the time is the way to go right? Let’s say you want to lose weight, is being given advice from someone else who has lost weight is the way to go? Or like the happy person is finding someone who is healthy all time so has never needed to lose weight the person to go and work with? But if both the happy or healthy person hasn’t been formally coached then doesn’t that mean they’re out of the picture? Or have we all being coached one way or another informally in a professional and educational structure?

A pretty interesting debate, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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