Who Co-Created NLP?

November 10, 2012

John Grinder created NLP. I am wondering why on earth someone would take an NLP training from Joe Bloggs NLP, when they can learn directly from the man whose genius has been most influential in creating the field and for it’s continual development.  The biggest myth in NLP is that the field stopped developing when the co-creators split.  The truth is that after the split John Grinder teamed up with Carmen Bostic St Clair and developed New Code NLP, they have since been joined by Michael Carroll an NLP developer and innovator in his own right.  John, Carmen and Michael are the elite in this field. This means you can now learn NLP, from the most innovative and original team in the business. If authentic NLP is important to you …… read on.

In March 2013, John, Carmen and Michael will deliver their world renowned NLP Premier Practitioner course which includes certification in Classic and New Code NLP.  The course stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons and there are great reviewers rates if you are already certified in NLP. This course is selling fast, so if you are the type of person who wants to learn a skill set from the best, today is a great day for being decisive. Let me tell you a bit more about the course before you make your decision.

Firstly you will have the opportunity over the 13 days to learn from three leading trainers and innovators in NLP. You have the knowledge that you are learning directly from the
co-creator of NLP John Grinder as well as learning from two New Code co-developers, ensuring the standard of your teaching and certification is as authentic as it can be! Your decision to learn NLP from the source or somebody else is comparable to deciding to learn from Einstein or one of his students. Nobody has the depth of understanding of the field, as the people who put the work into creating it. You will get insights from John that simply are not available anywhere else.

Another one of the great things about the Premier Practitioner course is that you will not only be learning the original Classic Code of NLP created in the 1970’s by Grinder et al, you will also be learning the latest developments direct from three of the developers of the New Code of NLP. The NLP Premier Practitioner course was the first of its kind in integrating the Classic and New Code of NLP in an effective learning format. You will learn the best of the Original and the best of the New which means you will be able to apply NLP effectively in any setting with even more resources and choices with techniques updated to fit in with the changing world we live in.

The Premier Practitioner has a strong practical emphasis! You would not be able to fly a plane with reading or home-study alone, you need real time practice and experience. The NLP Premier Practitioner course ensures you have this real-time experience. After the course, you will have had some of the most powerful experiences in your life and will have been instrumental in helping others to enjoy powerful experiences through NLP.

NLP is about self mastery. This course is more than learning about how to use NLP with others, this course also focuses on self application of NLP.  You will improve every single relationship in your life whether that be personal or professional. You will learn to truly connect with yourself so you know what you want and then have a strategy for going out there and getting it. You will have a set of skills to motivate yourself and others beyond belief through NLP.  You will learn powerful advanced processes that alter experiences in seconds!!! If you have a phobia or addiction you’ll have the power to beat it once and for all. It’s all about knowing how.  You will learn the skills to be a coach to family and friends as well as clients you attract.  You will have the skills to communicate elegantly with persuasion and truly reach your full potential and much, much more.

The course is a lot of fun and there will be plenty of opportunities to work with the trainers with the demonstrations of the patterns they show the group and throughout the course. So join us for two intensive weeks with three amazing trainers and stand out from the crowd in investing in yourself.

The offers are unbeatable
Now, you know, and now is a good time to act, the good news is I have superb financial offers for you available until the end of November.
Full investment:  £2799 + VAT (£3358.80) + £150 certification

Current special offer £1899 + VAT (£2278.80) + Certification.

Pay £1000.00 + VAT (£1200) now and the balance on January 15th 2012

Or Special email price £1799 + VAT (£2158.80) + Certification when course is paid in full before the end of November!

To book call +44 (0) 20 8686 9952 or visit nlpacademy.co.uk

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