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What our assistants do on our practitioner courses

Here’s an example of what our assistants do on our practitioner courses, this is a previous email we sent out to a group of assistants a few practitioners ago, so it’s as real as it gets smile

Thank you for offering your time and commitment as a team member at the forthcoming NLP Premier Practitioner. It is our intention to provide an exceptional experience to the delegates and look forward to your contribution.
Your role as an assistant is a bit like a New Code game, there are many levels and tasks. You could be responsible for registration, coaching a participant, cleaning the refreshment table, emptying bins or sticking flip charts on the wall. We expect the team to be involved on all the levels from the practical and less glamorous jobs and of course to offering your expertise to the participants.
The official course times are 9.00am - 5.00pm for the Practitioner participants.  Please be at the Academy by 8.00am on the 7th March and at 8.15am on the subsequent days. It usually takes 30 minutes to clean up after the course. We request all team members stay until all the jobs are complete. There are additional sessions in the evenings, and you are welcome to attend.
There will be a meeting on 6th March for team members.  The session will run from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. During this session you will meet other people on the assistant team, as well the people who are on the trainers mentoring plan. The liason between the assistant team and the mentoring team is an important part of the course.

NLP Academy Training Suite
The Pavilions
35 Brighton Road
South Croydon
Telephone 020 8686 9952
INTRODUCTION TO NEW CODE NLP, 13th March (at the Selsdon Park Hotel)
The 13th March is a day off for Premier Practitioner Participants. John and Carmen will be leading an Introduction to New Code NLP for the general NLP public on this day. This day will be interesting because people from across the NLP spectrum will be present. You are welcome to assist on this day as well. 

There is NO on site parking at the NLP Academy premises. There are car parks close by as well as free off street parking 15 minutes walk away. See this link for details:http://www.nlpacademy.co.uk/how_to_find_us/
You are a representative of the NLP Academy and we request you dress smartly.
Through previous experience, we now find it wise to request team members to sign a team members charter, which is attached. Please sign and return to us either electronically or by post.

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