Welcome to NLP Trainers Training 2 – 20 September 2012

August 22, 2012

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Trainers Training 2012. Trainers Training is a superb experience for all involved. We are so looking forward to the course.  The purpose of this e-mail is to:

Present you with your joining instructions

-Give you an overview of what to expect at Trainers Training
-To remind you to submit your application form and certificates to us
-The processes for certification
-To inform you what courses you can train and certify once you are a Certified trainer

Trainers Training consists of 3 modules, which are as follows:

Module 1 Advanced Presentation Skills:  2 – 7 September 2012

Module 2 Skills for NLP Trainers:  9 – 15 September 2012

Module 3 Certification :  17 – 20 September 2012


Registration on 2 September is at 8.00am

The training times each day are as follows:

Morning session: 8.30am to 12.00pm

Afternoon session: 1.30pm – 5.00pm

Evening session; 6.00pm – 7.30pm

You are required to attend all the scheduled course sessions to pass the course.

The evening sessions 6.00pm – 7.30pm are for practice and integration exercises. Some of these sessions will also be free time for relaxation or preparation.





Front Desk: +34-968-031970 • Fax: +34-968031971

Coffee and tea will be served mid morning and mid afternoon. If you need snacks throughout the day it is recommended you bring them with you. There are restaurants and bars close to the conference room for meals at lunch tme and the 5.00 break.

Agreement on the use of Trainers names

Please note that upon registration you will be asked to sign an agreement as to how you can use the trainer’s names in any marketing or publicity material you may create to publicise yourself. A copy of this agreement is attached.

Application form, criteria and certificates and photograph

If you have yet to send your application form, please do so immediately. A copy is attached to this email for your convenience. Please also read the entry criteria for the course to ensure your eligibility. Criteria can be read by clicking on this link

Please note that due to the volume of people on the course a photograph will be taken of you on arrival.

Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certificates:

Again, it is essential that we have copies of your Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certificates if you trained with another organisation, as these will be reviewed to confirm your eligibility status. They may be scanned and sent by email or copies may be sent in the post. We must have them well in advance of commencement of the training.

The trainers, John, Carmen and Michael designed the criteria; please make sure you have the necessary prerequisites.

Balance Payments

If you have an outstanding balance to pay, please make the necessary arrangements on the due date shown on your invoice to pay, by telephoning us with the relevant payment details.


If you have already dealt with all the points above, thank you.

International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITA)

Upon passing the course you will be invited to join the ITA, which is an organisation exclusive to the Grinder, Bostic & Carroll trainers. The ITA works as network of like-minded peers sharing information and ideas. ITA trainers can issue NLP Practitioner certificates signed by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.  Please find attached the current membership booklet which outlines the fees and different levels of membership the ITA offers.

What to expect at Trainers Training

Trainers Training is designed to challenge you and take your NLP skills and presenting skills to a completely new level. For a large part of the course you will be working in groups of six where you will take it in turns at presenting and training, using the skills you learn. As I said earlier in this letter, in the evening there will be additional sessions,  to help you develop your skills. Ensure that you prepare well for the course.

Module I: Advanced Presentation Skills
Is about delivering presentations using NLP patterning.  At the end of Module I, you will give a 35-minute presentation to a group of people. This is not a test, just a way to gauge your skills.

Module II:  Skills for NLP Trainers

Is about teaching NLP and conducting NLP presentations. At the end of module II, you will give a 35-minute presentation using the skills you have learnt at the course. Again, this is not a test, but you will receive feedback as to whether you would have passed, had you delivered the same presentation during your assessment.

Module III: Certification

Is about assessing your skills as an NLP Trainer. There are four sections of evaluation:

Section one:

You will sit a written exam on core NLP patterning, consisting of 2 papers over 5 hours. The marking criteria are as follows :

69% and below:

70 – 75 %:
Low pass
76 – 90%
90% and above:
High pass

Section two:  Design and deliver an NLP presentation with a demonstration using the format you learn at the course. You will be graded either re-take, low pass, pass or high pass.

Section three:  Conduct an NLP teaching demonstration that is chosen for you by the certifier. You will be graded either re-take, low pass, pass, or high pass.

Section four:  Present under challenging conditions. You will be graded re-take, low pass, pass, or high pass.

The standards are high. If you fail one element of certification, you will be invited back in January to demonstrate competency in that area.

If you are a low pass in two areas of the evaluation, you will also be invited back to demonstrate competency.

The ideal target is four high passes

Four passes will hold you in good stead

One low pass and three passes will also get you through

Our suggestion to you is to prepare well

Suggestions for how to prepare:
Review your Practitioner material to become versatile in the core patterning of:


  • OutcomesCalibrationAccessing cuesNLP EpistemologyRepresentational systems (input and output channels)Submodalities and submodality interventionsAnchoring formats, anchoring in different rep systems, collapsing, stackingUnconscious signalsSix Step Reframe (n step reframe, formerly six step)

    Parts interventions

    Milton Model

    Meta Model, verbal package

    Belief change formats

    The distinction between process and content

    Metaphor construction

    TimeLine interventions (process not content)

  • New Code NLP

If you have access to the following information, it will be helpful:

Whispering in the Wind

It is really important to prepare well. It is recommended you read John and Carmen’s book ‘Whispering in the Wind’. You can buy this for £31.50 from the Academy.

NLPedia Practitioner Study Set

To revise core practitioner material you can purchase the NLPedia Practitioner Study Set. This is a full Practitioner course in multi-media and includes 25 hours of video filmed at a Practitioner course, 800 slides and 600 pages of transcript. This is an excellent resource for preparation of sessions and review of material.

Special price to Trainers Training candidates:  £399.00 including VAT + P&P

(Usual cost: £499 including VAT + P&P)

After Trainers Training –  what you can do

Working on the premise that you pass evaluation, you will be certified as a Trainer of NLP. This is a one-off certification and there are no renewal fees. You can teach and certify Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. This course does not give you eligibility to certify trainers of NLP.  Many people specialise, by designing courses for specific applications of NLP e.g. sales, personal development etc. If you join the ITA you can issue ITA Practitioner certificates that carry the signatures of John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.

A certified trainer of NLP can only teach New Code NLP on Practitioner classes if that trainer has attended a Practitioner course where New Code NLP was an integral part of the training. However, a certified trainer of NLP cannot certify people as New Code NLP Practitioners until that trainer has attended the Trainers Mentoring and New Code Trainers Training module.

If an individual does not pass evaluation, that individual is awarded a provisional certificate as a trainer.  A provisional trainer cannot certify NLP Practitioners or Master Practitioners. A provisional trainer can teach non-certification courses such as introductory courses. A provisional trainer can teach on a certification course if accompanied by a certified trainer.

It is highly recommend that you prepare well. Self application is the key to NLP mastery. A good way to prepare is to use NLP patterning on yourself. Some people choose to work on their personal congruency, their NLP congruency and their state, so that they arrive at trainers training ready for everything.

What to do now:

Send your application form & certificates to us

Pay any outstanding balance of training fees

Be clear about your outcomes for Trainers Training

Prepare your study and begin

Use NLP on yourself and in your everyday life to help you integrate the material internally

Use NLP on yourself and in your everyday life to help you integrate the material internally

Thank you for deciding to train with us. We believe that we have selected a training venue that will enhance your experience and enjoyment, and we look forward to enjoying it with you. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact my colleagues Carl or Jack who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you in sunkissed Murcia on 2nd September!

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