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Trainers Training Evaluation day 2, 3 and 4

In my last blog I spoke about the first day of the trainers training evaluation, here I just want to give you a quick outline of evaluation day 2, 3 and 4.

Day two: Presentation day.

The candidates here deliver a 35 minute presentation including a demonstration of a pattern of their choice. Here we are looking that the ‘Grinder 8 Step’ training format is applied, an effective demonstration, good state and a clean third position. The grades are High pass, pass, low pass or re-take. The topic must be one that you would teach to a group of practitioners and you may have to deal with some hecklers along the way.

Day three: Demonstration day

This is the day the separates the ‘men from the boys’, the women from the girls where the candidates will be asked to deliver an effective demonstration in front of an assessor. They do not know what the demo will be. The only criteria are that the demos are practitioner level content. This a tough day but, also a great teaching day where Michael gives extremely in depth feedback on the positives and the improvement areas for each demonstration. Once again High pass, pass, low pass or re-take is the grading criteria.

Day four: Presenting under challenging circumstances

The last day of the evaluation and for some the most challenging, the candidates will be presenting in front of a group of people, sounds easy right? There is one tiny extra thing over the 19 days the trainers and assistants have closely observed each person and have detected their stretch area, the area most challenging to them. For example on the trainers course one of the participants relied heavily on audience participation, their challenge was to present to a group of academics who refused to answer any questions or communicate non verbally in any other way apart from disdain to their presentation style. The group you are presenting to are allowed to challenge you as much as you want and get fully into character in the context set by the assessor, a fun but very challenging day.

I hope this gives you more insight into the evaluation process, it is tough but, if you can get through this training practitioners will be a piece of cake!

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  • These 4 days have taught me more about myself than I thought possible, and I have made long overdue changes.

    Alison Forster
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