• Posted: May 2011
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There are vacancies if you want the top job in NLP

If you attend my courses you will be familiar with one of my sayings ‘I have the best job in the world’. In fact I love what I do so much, I don’t consider it work. I run the best NLP Company in the business, I teach superb learners how to do NLP, and coach people to get the best from their lives. It’s all highly fulfilling and the money side is superb. This blog is not about me, it’s about YOU and the other future NLP coaches and trainers who want to make a contribution to other peoples’ lives while creating wealth for themselves.

There are vacancies in this field for innovative people to be the trainers and top coaches of tomorrow. From what I see, very few people are prepared to DO what it takes to be excellent in this field and by doing so become an NLP leader instead of a follower. To be excellent, you have to step up, hone your skills to an exemplary level and then have the business acumen to start a coaching practice or training business where you flow your own unique style into your work.

For some, the above might sound daunting, and if it does, starting an NLP coaching practice or training business is not for them. If on the other hand, you love to learn, are prepared to commit to thorough practice and ongoing development – there are certainly vacancies in the coaching and training world of NLP. These vacancies are for creative and talented people to start NEW businesses and contribute to the overall quality of NLP coaching and training.

Many people phone the Academy and ask can they make a living with NLP? To be frank, these people are way off track and are asking the wrong question. The question is ‘how much wealth do you want to create by using your NLP skills?’. The ceiling is defined by your mind set. The top job in NLP is YOURS, but only if you want it. It’s important to make a choice and position yourself at the ‘centre of your own universe’ to create opportunities and give YOURSELF the top job. To succeed it takes good NLP training and then hard work in honing your skills. Your choice of training course is paramount to your success as a coach or trainer. Your willingness to practice, practice, practice and then fit in some more practice is the next step (after your course) to go to the top.
Next Saturday 14th May, I am running two free sessions at the NLP Academy. In the morning, I will run the session ‘Staring an NLP Coaching Practice’ and in the afternoon, I will run the session ‘NLP Trainers Training; a free Preview’. The idea of both sessions is to deliver pragmatic information about setting up as a coach and or NLP trainer. My intention in running these FREE sessions are simple, I want this field to grow, I want to meet people at the first stage in their journey and offer quality information. I want more collaborators who can congruently say ‘I have the best job in the world and love my work’ If this is you, see you next Saturday.

Starting an NLP Coaching Practice

14th May 2011

NLP Trainers Training: A FREE Preview

14th May 2011

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  • An awesome 11 days. The most profound change I have ever experienced in such a short space of time. A fantastic experience.

    Mike Jackson
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