The New Code NLP Difference

New Code NLP was co –created by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair in the late 80s. New Code NLP -  formalised its forerunner ‘NLP New Coding’, a term John used to describe his re-coding parts of classic NLP and the term carried over into the new patterns he was exploring and developing at the time which are now a part of New Code NLP.

John Grinder said the following in Whispering in the Wind (Bostic St Clair and Grinder 2001 “The motivations for the creation of the New Code are multiple and include a recognition that the coding of patterning I accomplished with Richard Bandler in the creation of NLP contained a number of serious coding flaws.

In the late 70’s I noticed a significant number of NLP trained practitioners who were stunningly effective in doing change work with clients yet these same Practitioners had chosen to or lacked the choice to apply the patterns of NLP successfully to themselves.

I, therefore, set out with the intention of designing a set of patterns that would both correct the coding flaws of the Classic code (roughly my collaborative work with Bandler from 1974 through 1979) that could not be effectively presented unless the presenter was congruent with self-application.”

A fundamental element in New Code NLP is self-application. To be certified in the discipline -  New Code NLP Practitioners have to demonstrate they can access the optimised states which are the product of New Code NLP formats and transfer the states to their everyday life for high performance.  A New Code NLP Practitioner also has to demonstrate congruency between the conscious and unconscious mind. This is done through setting up a clear communication system, which is robustly tested, between the unconscious mind and conscious mind.

With access to the optimised states from New Change processes and a clear signal system from unconscious to conscious, and obviously with competency in the New Code practices the New Code NLP Practitioner is ready to unleash the New Code NLP magic on the clients, family members, work colleagues and anyone who is in need of upgrading their life or parts of their life.

Here are some of the differences between New Code NLP and Classic Code

In New Code NLP

1.   The unconscious is dominant in providing the new state, resource or behaviour in change work. In classic code the person consciously selects the resource in such patterns as anchoring, swish, submodality map across

2.  The unconscious is explicitly involved in all critical steps.

3.  Intention of behaviour to be changes is utilised and new behaviours are selected by the unconscious with the criteria the new behaviour satisfies the positive intention of the behaviour to be changed.

4.  The key manipulation in change work is state, in Classic Code the focus is on choosing a new behaviour.

5.  The Meta Model patterns are scaled down to challenge primarily noun and verb deletions. Framing intention and paraphrase has been added to make the verbal challenges more user friendly, and to ensure the Practitioner is gathering correct information. This new model is called the Verbal package

6.  Metaphors are a key feature in New Code NLP Coaching, much more so than Classic Code.

7.  Future pacing is rarely used. Future pacing restricts the eventual outcome to constructs from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is operating at the same logical level as the problem and is thus limited in its choice. In New Code NLP the states and unconscious resources are set with precision to be activated by the contextual trigger of the behaviour being change.

8.  Tasking is used in some aspects of future orientation.

9.  The know nothing state used by Gridner and Bandler in their original modelling work is set for learning and also coaching, so the coach is totally present with access to all his/her resources and NLP tools. John Grinder has used the metaphor that New Code NLP is like a Ferrari, the variables are fine-tuned for optimal performance, it’s fast, it’s elegant and it really is powerful. It’s simpler than Classic Code with better results. And it’s great fun!

If you would like to learn New Code NLP, I am running a live-streamed course, called New Code NLP for Coaching excellence over the dates 16 – 22 May 2020.  You can learn all the New Code formats in the comfort of your own home. If you like this idea, message me and I will send you details.

Or you can learn New Code NLP directly from John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and myself, in Gallipoli Italy, over the dates 21 – 28 September 2020 in Italy, on the basis the Corona pandemic has diminished

Take a look at The NLP Academy YouTube channel for videos on New Code NLP and also you will find articles on the resources link on The NLP Academy website

Welcome to the world of New Code NLP, you will find its an exhilarating place to be.

Michael Carroll, 2020