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Starting your NLP Journey: The Formula for Mastery and Personal excellence

NLP influences millions around the world each year through live courses, audio programs, books, coaching, friends, families, and the media. Millions have changed their lives and achieved things far beyond what they ever thought possible through the techniques they have learned.  If you have studied NLP, you are already aware of the many benefits of learning NLP and know by passing this email onto a friend you could be offering your friend an incredible gift.

Why Study NLP?

NLP is the study of excellence where we can discover the strategies top performers use to achieve success in their area of expertise. NLP also explains how different people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do. Imagine if you could learn the key processes top performers use that separates them from the rest, the strategies that have consistently put them on a completely different stratosphere of success. Imagine if you could model someone who is totally happy, charismatic or a great parent, a top salesman. With NLP you can learn and apply these behaviours and develop yourself beyond your wildest dreams! NLP is also used to help you and others overcome personal obstacles, phobias, fears, limiting beliefs, past experiences. With NLP you learn the skills to free yourself of the past and the tools to build and achieve a compelling future for you and everyone around you.  When I first studied NLP I had a terrible fear of public speaking, frequent asthma and terrible communication skills, through learning the skills not only did I free myself of these limiting behaviours, I was able to help others in a far worse place than I was, develop and improve.  Everyone has their own story, everyone has an area to develop and through investing in yourself and taking the time to learn new models and assimilate new behaviours and ideologies you are laying down the seeds for personal success and happiness, whatever that may be for you.

You can Learn NLP
Everyone journey has a beginning; here are a few choices you have for kick-starting a new learning area for you and anyone you want to share it with.

Introduction to NLP: 15 – 16 June
With Michael Carroll

Attend this two day Introduction to NLP and discover how you can use NLP in different aspects of your life and take away NLP processes for building rapport, setting goals and making them happen, reading non verbal behaviour and honing your communication for all settings. This is the perfect introduction into these skills at a fantastic price the perfect starting point of your journey.

For More Information: click here

The Science of Sales Artistry: 2 – 3 July with Michael Carroll

Sales can be considered both an art form and a science. The artistry in sales is the picture, the tapestry, the music that is formed in the relationship between sales person and client. The science is the techniques of influence the salesperson uses to persuade the client and the discipline applied to prospecting for new business. When art and science come together something special emerges, in sales the emergent factor is higher levels of performance which leads to more clients saying YES. The
Science of Sales Artistry is a four part programme written and designed by leading sales trainer, Michael Carroll to provide highly committed sales people a vehicle for catapulting their performance to a whole new level. You will be taught at a live seminar, you will be coached from an expert in human behaviour and sales excellence. This programme is not for everyone, it is for those who are serious about high performance in sales. If you are serious about high performance in Sales, this is for you!

The Science of Sales

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  • This would count as one of the most influential weeks of my life. It has introduced and opened many new possibilities.

    Rachel Marks
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