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Selling Your Way to the TOP

Have you got what it takes?

When I was 22 I broke my leg. The break was serious and I was supposed to be out of action for 6 months. At that time I was enjoying life to the full but in terms of a career I was going nowhere fast. Whilst lying on my back in hospital I began to reflect on what I wanted from life, many things stood out for me, one being that I wanted a new career, something I enjoyed and that created a good income.

During the period when I was on crutches I read lots of books on business, finance, sales and marketing and decided I was going for a sales career, something where I could be responsible for my own success and make a great income. I looked at lots of different types of businesses and companies before deciding to join the financial services sector. I went for interviews on my crutches and so many sales managers politely turned me down, not realising that the attitude of not letting a broken leg prevent you from getting off your arse and looking for a new career is precisely the attitude of a successful sales person!

You see the successful salesperson has an attitude of invincibility; when you know your goals nothing gets in your way. The successful sales person has confidence in him or herself, as well as confidence in their product and seeks to give value to the client. The successful sales person is a listener as well as a good communicator and knows how to present their product in such a way that it makes it very easy for the client to say yes.  In the modern day and age, I see these skills in fewer people, with more sales people turning into form fillers and order takers rather than high level communicators creating an exciting and enjoyable experience for the customer. I am currently looking for two sales people to join the NLP Academy team and am quite happy to take on trainees who have zero experience with sales but have the right attitude and are eager to learn.

If you are interested e mail me on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or even better phone me on 0208 686 9952 and sell to me, I would love to hear why you are right for the NLP Academy, and if we click you could be in!

Anyway, I found a company I liked and the Sales Director really saw my potential. He hired me and in the FIRST MONTH I was the highest performing salesperson in the company. Over the next four years I was the top sales person and I ended up buying the company. I sold the business ten years later and then started the NLP Academy which has now become one of the leading NLP companies in Europe. The reason for the Academy’s success comes down to a few factors, namely, great courses, a superb service and we know how to sell. If you want to learn how to sell your way to the top please get in contact.

Phone 0208 686 9952
E mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Click this link for short video clip taken from my DVD ‘Close That Sale NLP Style’ where you can find out more about what I consider the qualities of a good sales person.


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  • Without a doubt the best NLP I have ever experienced. It has been both a personal and Professional Breakthrough for me and re-awakened my passion for learning more – and NLP Academy gives the best environment to do so!

    Terry McCoy
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