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June 18, 2013

The ability to effectively and elegantly sell and present your ideas, product and services is the difference that makes the difference in catapulting a person or business to success. Have you ever bought something without realising you were actually sold the item or service in a highly elegant manner? Have you ever seen a presenter who was so engaging,  you were entranced by their message and hung on to every word they said? Would you like to be able to sell and influence in such a manner that is not perceived as selling? Would you like to know how to psychologically influence an audience? If so, this email will certainly be of interest to you.

On the 12 July at our Academy, Michael Carroll will be delivering his brand new two part seminar ‘Psychological Influence’.  This will include all of his latest techniques modelled from NLP, Hypnosis, and Psychology. What’s here is the tool box of successful salespeople, persuasion artists and captivating presenters to take your influencing and persuasion skills to a completely different stratosphere. These seminars are a must for anyone who wants to sell more and present more effectively! You will learn a winning formula for both sales and presentations so you can be more charismatic the person to listen to in any situation.

Psychological influence Part I: 12 July: 9.00am until 12:30pm
Psychological Influence: Part I: Selling below conscious awareness

This workshop is for the modern day salesperson who is truly looking for an edge in today’s competitive world. This workshop is for anyone who has a product or service they care passionately about and want to unleash it on the world. Persuasion is the Mother of all skills in business and the more persuasive you are the more sales you close. Persuasion is more than haranguing someone into buying a product, psychological persuasion is about knowing how to motivate your customer, how to get buyers to really like you and then presenting your product in a way that feels natural. Psychological Influence is all about making it easy for people to say yes to you. To close more sales, elite salespeople are choosing to have a psychological edge which includes a sharp focused mind and advanced techniques for influence. The primary factors in buying and decision making are out of conscious awareness; this means your customers are not aware of certain key factors that influence their buying decisions. By learning the unique tools to psychologically influence, you as a salesperson will learn how the brain works and close more sales to build lasting and profitable relationships with clients. Click here
What you will learn

–  Unconscious responsiveness; creating easy rapport
–  The language of the client; the hot words that deeply influence
–  The language of persuasion; how to get agreement and test a sale
–  The psychology of closing a sale
–  Social psychology and social factors of influence
–  Embedding the message in stories and anecdotes wrapped in the language of influence.

Investment: Just £69 + VAT (£82.80)

Psychological influence Part II : 12 July : 2.00pm until 5.30pm

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to be more influential and engaging when presenting to groups. The perceived credibility of a presenter, defines the group’s lasting impression. To be a brilliant presenter you need more than a strong message, you need a strong delivery style to be remembered for the right reasons. During this workshop you will learn different ways to package your material to make a major impact. Delivering stand up presentations is more than standing in front of a group and talking from notes or delivering a pre-prepared talk. Presenting is about being able to read the group collectively, creating a group unity and then delivering the key messages to the individuals. Influencing groups is a completely different ball game than one to one persuasion. In group presentations it’s important to know the psychological factors of how individuals within groups unconsciously respond to information. A large percentage of how your message is received is processed out of conscious awareness, so as a presenter or public speaker it’s important you learn how to communicate and persuade at the conscious level of the client and the unconscious level. It’s also important to learn about body language and voice tone and how verbal messages resonate with the recipient. Click here
What you will learn
– Creating group unity rapport
–  Structuring a presentation to suit different personality styles
–  The psychology of group persuasion and influence
–  Knowing who you are as a presenter and what you unconsciously communicate from the platform
–  How to truly engage
–  Presenting parallel messages
–  Reading the non verbal behaviour of groups
–  Tracking and influencing group leaders, making your life easier

Investment: Just £69 + VAT (£82.80)
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Special offers just for you!

1. Book part I and II together for just £99.00 + VAT (£118.80) saving you £39 + VAT

2. And you can BRING A GUEST FOR FREE:  Book part I and II before the 27 June and you can bring a guest FREE, simply book your place online and email us the name of your guest.
(This offer is valid only to guests who are NEW to the Academy and not already on our system)

Offer 3. AND to top it all if you book Psychological influence Part I and Part II before the 27 June you can attend the Introduction to NLP (13 July) for just £20 per person SAVING YOU a further £79 + VAT.
To take advantage of these special offers call the office now on +44 (0) 20 8686 9952 or book online .

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