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NLP Trainers training written exam

Just a quick note from all the team. Good luck to those who are taking their trainers training written exam today. After 14 days of teaching and of course practitioner and master practitioner study on top of that, the first and for many the most challenging day of the four day evaluation process begins today.

The marking borders for the paper are high pass, pass, low pass or retake. I’m sure today we will see many high passes across the board to get off to a fantastic start to the 4 day evaluation. Tomorrow is presentation day, the day after that demo day and the day after that presenting under challenging circumstances. To pass trainers training the minimum criteria is one low pass and four passes Two low passes or a retake for any part of the assessment will mean a reassessment for those parts of the evaluation. It’s strict but the High standards are intentional, as the ITA, the NLP Academy and John, Carmen and Michael are committed to training the best trainers in the words who are congruent and ready to deliver fantastic trainings within the ITA Standards. This raises the standard in the field, the quality of trained practitioners and the quality of change across the board.

The paper itself is two, two and a half hour exams based on the theory learned at NLP Practitioner level. Intense study is required to pass the evaluation as well as extra reading of particular NLP Books, such as whispering in the wind, the structure of magic volume 1 and 2. At practioner level we look that you can deploy the patterning, at trainers level we expect you to be able to do this already and now look that you can deploy the patterning alongside a strong theoretical knowledge and application of the training and presentation skills learned over the teaching part of the course. The trainers training Evaluation process is tough but more importantly ensures the candidates are truly ready to teach others what they then self have learned.

I’ll give a little more information each day about each specific part of the evaluation.

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  • Excellent course and great support from Michael throughout. I’d recommend this to anyone who would like to work more effectively with people, or improve their focus and gain clarity on goals and ways to make them happen.

    Natasha May
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