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NLP Trainers Training: Preparation suggestions

We often get asked ‘what is the best way to prepare for trainers training’, here is a quick lowdown on the topics you will be expected to be able to demonstrate and teach at the training.

Review your Practitioner material to become versatile in the core patterning of:
Accessing cues
NLP Epistemology
Representational systems (input and output channels)
Submodalities and submodality interventions
Anchoring formats, anchoring in different rep systems, collapsing, stacking
Unconscious signals
Six Step Reframe (n step reframe, formerly six step)
Parts interventions
Milton Model
Meta Model, verbal package
Belief change formats
The distinction between process and content
Metaphor construction
TimeLine interventions (process not content)
New Code NLP (if this was taught at your practitioner)

If you have access to the following information, it will be helpful:

Whispering in the Wind

It is really important to prepare well. It is recommended you read John and Carmen’s book ‘Whispering in the Wind’. You can buy this for £31.50 Including VAT and UK postage from the Academy website.

NLPedia Practitioner Study Set

To revise core practitioner material you can purchase the NLPedia Practitioner Study Set. This is a full Practitioner course in multi-media and includes 25 hours of video filmed at a Practitioner course, 800 slides and 600 pages of transcript. This is an excellent resource for preparation of sessions and review of material.
Special price to Trainers Training candidates: £399 including VAT + P&P
(Usual cost: £499 including VAT + P&P)

If you have any questions please let us know. Looking forward to working with you.


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