NLP Premier Practitioner 2013

January 28, 2013

When we launched the NLP Premier Practitioner in 2006 with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, we brought to the field a new way of delivering NLP training, integrating Classic and New Code NLP.  As always, we update courses so you can benefit from the newer developments in NLP as well as the tried and tested NLP patterns. This March, you as a person interested in NLP have an opportunity to absorb yourself in NLP patterning at its very best. This is available to people with all levels of NLP experience.
What makes this course so special?

Firstly you will be learning from the man who co-created Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP, John Grinder. John is one of the greatest thinkers of our lifetime whose work has touched millions all around the world. NLP is a modelling technology and on this course you have the opportunity to model and learn Classic and New Code NLP in its purest form.

Experience is key

Combined, all three trainers have over 75 years experience of training, coaching and developing NLP.  John, Carmen and Michael are experts in delivering NLP courses and year upon year people from all over the world come to NLP in its purest, most effective form from three prolific developers. They have trained and coached thousands of people using NLP from settings such as private coaching, global organisations, the military, mental health settings and even in the White House, imagine how much you can learn from their successes and mis-takes that simply cannot be found elsewhere.
Integrated learning
This was the first course of it’s kind which delivered the best of the Classic Code of NLP plus the latest developments of the New Code of NLP. Many courses out there deliver Classic Code material over just 7 days. This is a 13 day course teaching both systems of NLP allowing you enough time to continually practice and master the NLP techniques taught on the course. This means after the course you will have the experience to be able to effectively use NLP in multiple settings such as coaching, business, relationships and personal development………..  Our emphasis is on quality and pioneering new methods to fit with the changing demands of the 21st century similar to the evolutions in medicine and technology.


Not only are you safe in the knowledge you are learning the best NLP possible from the co-creators and co-developers of New Code NLP and Classic code NLP you will also earn one of, if not the most authentic NLP qualification out there. You will receive an ITA Premier Practitioner certification in the Classic Code of NLP as well as an ITA Premier Practitioner certification in the New Code of NLP signed by NLP co-creator John Grinder, Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic St Clair. This means your clients, employers and you, know that you have learned from and been certified by the very best it doesn’t get more authentic than that 

Professional applications of NLP and Business Opportunities

We like to go above and beyond here at the Academy and on the Premier Practitioner you will learn how to apply NLP professionally in coaching, sales, management, marketing, motivation and training. All three trainers have extensive experience in using NLP to increase performance and success in themselves and others and you will learn how to do this too.

After taking and completing the NLP Premier Practitioner course many people choose to start a new career as an NLP Practitioner, coaching others using New and Classic code NLP. We will teach you how to do this, and once again with the authentic qualification and knowledge you will have, you will be able to attract clients to you and use your skills to help them with multiple contexts such as smoking, weight loss, phobias, fears and much, much more. You can also earn a great income with NLP and many well trained practitioners command a fee of £300 per hour plus coaching full time or even part time alongside their current business or employment.
Mentoring and support

As you know already year upon year we update our content and ways of running our courses to keep with the ethos of NLP of continual development. In recent years we have set up a very special mentoring scheme for our practitioners where they are mentored by qualified ITA Trainers of NLP. This will give you extra support and opportunities to learn from people who have recently completed a similar process to you and are now out there applying NLP in various settings.
Also before, during and after the course you will receive support (if needed) from our Academy team who are themselves Practitioner and Trainers in NLP, it could be that you have questions about how to use particular techniques or maybe you just need a bit of support on next steps, whatever the reasons the team are here for you.

If this feels right, you can book here now, or if you have a few questions before you book give the team a call and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have before booking. Below are the investment details and a few extra video links.

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