• Posted: October 2012
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NLP Practitioner certification feedback

The feedback today is being sent out to the recent attendees of the NLP practitioner and New Code certification. Many companies out there will hand out every practitioner candidate that attends their course a certificate. Short term this is really easy for them, send out the certificates and the next batch of people will come to the next course, easy peasy, no admin, everyone passes, everyone’s happy.

Long term this means if someone they trained was issued a practitioner certificate and they were not ready to be certified , when they go out there and work with clients, the work will not be effective, in fact it will most probably be counter effective for that clients, even dangerous. The effect of this is that the client has a bad impression of NLP, they will tell others NLP is not an useful tool and they’ll tell other people the same. This leads to the field as a whole getting a bad name when in fact there are many extremely skilled practitioners and trainers out there, and I can say the one’s trained at the NLP academy are always highly skilled, highly trained and ready to work.
We at the Academy and the ITA (international trainer’s academy) are extremely passionate and take action to ensure our trainees are ready and highly skilled to do amazing work with NLP. We give highly detailed feedback on performance and if one of our practitioners is not ready they will be asked to come back again and improve the specific area that needs to be advanced. This means that when you are certified as Grinder, Bostic, Carroll, ITA and NLP Academy Practitioner you, your clients KNOW you have been trained by the best and are ready to be the best Practitioner possible.
For those who are asked to come back, it always stuns me how much they improve after receiving the feedback and integration time. The amount of times someone has come up to me and said, ‘not passing first time was the best thing that could of happened to me’.  High standards, high quality training, high quality practitioners and a high quality experience. 
NLP Academy, raising standards since 1996.

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