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NLP Modelling, NLP Training, NLP Application

So where NLP began it’s life as a means of modelling excellence, training courses soon became a very active part of the NLP adventure, followed by NLP application where NLP trained people apply their NLP tools for commercial and personal benefit.

NLP Modelling

NLP modelling is the art of making explicit the set of differences present in someone who is excellent at a given activity compared with someone who is mediocre at the same activity. NLP modelling is by far the highest skill level in NLP.  NLP modelling can be used to capture patterns of excellence present in anyone in any context.

Many companies in the NLP community put little or no emphasis on modelling. Michael Carroll attended an NLP course back in 1995 and was disappointed that the trainer openly admitted he ‘didn’t know much about modelling’. When Michael set up the NLP Academy he ensured modelling would be an integral part of the NLP Academy philosophy. Modelling is a major feature of our Master Practitioner Course. Modelling is also featured in the NLPedia Master Practitioner Study Set.

Through the years John Grinder, has continued to develop his skills as a modeller. He stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field as a person who can capture the patterns of excellence inherent in any outstanding individual. John Grinder, with his partner Carmen Bostic St Clair, offer modelling trainings with The NLP Academy.

NLP Training

When the NLP developers began to share their knowledge, NLP Certification became available with other trainers. Thirty years after the NLP inception, modern day NLP training comes in all shapes and sizes, some excellent, some good, a lot of average and some decidedly poor. At the NLP Academy we are proud of our training record. The quality of NLP Academy Practitioners and Master Practitioners speaks volumes for our work. We are proud all the people who graduate with the NLP Academy and endeavour to support their future development. 

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  • The quality of training was outstanding, the depth of human understanding was awe inspiring, and to meet and learn from Carmen Bostic St Clair and the co-creator of NLP John Grinder was utterly mesmerising.

    John Phelan
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