• Posted: November 2010
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NLP Academy on Radio 4

Today, Cathy Edwards and William Little visited the Academy to interview me as part of Radio 4 programme ‘Power to Persuade - The story of NLP’ being aired on the 29th of November at 11:02am.

William and Cathy had allocated an hour for the interview but stayed for over two hours. They were particularly interested in New Code NLP. I took William through the NASA game and Emma the alphabet game. They had also interviewed Richard Bandler as part of the programme. I am curious to see how they weave our content together and chunk two hours of material into the air time they allocate me. All will be revealed on 29 November at 11:02am. It will be appearing on the programme list of the BBC website very soon click here.

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  • These 4 days have taught me more about myself than I thought possible, and I have made long overdue changes.

    Alison Forster
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