• Posted: January 2013
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New year, new you?

Just a quick one from during a break in between coaching session.

Anyone who studies and applies NLP and personal development will be familiar that goal setting is a frequently spoken about topic. New year is a time for reflection on the events of the previous year and time for deciding what action we will take in the coming year to improve ourselves.

Now how about this for a proposition instead of making goals just a few times a year, which many people by the end of the year have forgotten about, why not make goals every single day?

-At the start of each year make a yearly goal.
-So at the start of each month make a monthly goal.
-At the start of each week make a weekly goal.
-At the start of each day make a goal for the day.

Then congratulate and reward yourself after each successful monthly and yearly goal. This is a great way to track your progress as you achieve your shorter and long term goals. Then set your goal beyond the goal so you don’t have the classic reaching the goal and stopping everything, keep going, keep progressing and keep achieving.

Enjoy serial goal setting and reap the benefits of serial success!

Until next time Jack

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  • I have gained so much from this course, both for my own internal use and to enable me to fulfil my companies expectations. I am very much looking forward to trainers training.

    Anne Dawson
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