• Posted: October 2013
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Michael Carroll NLP

Michael Carroll is one of the worlds most prominent NLP Trainers who has contributed/collaborated and refined many key NLP processes. Michael leads the NLP Academy certification courses alongside long term training partners John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. Michael works in a multitude of different arena’s therapy, business, accelerated learning, mental health consulting, charity. He also has a degree in Psychology.

-Croydon Ball game.
- Timeline re-patterning.
-Alpha Touch game (refined J Carroll Model)
-Only Master Trainer in the world personally certified by John Grinder
-Co Founder ITA
-Founder of the NLP Academy
-Co developer New Code NLP
-Created Close that Sales NLP style system
-Michael Carroll was the first NLP Trainer from Europe to be licensed by Paul Scheele to teach PhotoReading
-Co Trainer of NLP Trainers Training course with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair
-NLPedia Practititioner and Master Practitioner study set developer

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  • Excellent course and great support from Michael throughout. I’d recommend this to anyone who would like to work more effectively with people, or improve their focus and gain clarity on goals and ways to make them happen.

    Natasha May
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