Meta model

For me my personal favourite model of NLP that has impacted me the most personally and professionally is the Meta model. Now to explain the Meta Model in one short blog post would not do it justice. Rigorous self application of the Meta Model leads to enhanced clarity in communication free from ambiguity and more choice in in the contexts where the violation occurred.

When used in a business setting meta model knowledge and challenges lead to clear, concise communication where answers are clear and messages are not lost in communication.

In a coaching setting from getting a clearer picture into the clients map of the world the agent of the change has a clearer indication as to what NLP intervention is best fitted to the client.

The best place to learn the Meta Model is at an NLP Practitioner training and then from there practice, practice and practice. The best NLP books to learn the Meta model in my opinion are the ‘Structure of magic 1’ and the ‘whispering in the wind.

Here’s a video led by John Grinder and Michael Carroll where they are demonstrating a particular meta model pattern, see what you notice smile
Meta model violation example