Interesting post from Michael’s facebook

The notion of a ‘part’ in the Six Step Reframe was dropped in NLP in the early to mid 90s and has not appeared since. In Whispering in the Wind (2002) Grinder and Bostic outlined what was then the latest version of the 6 Six Step Reframe, it has since been modified. It’s progress in NLP that I like, for the life of me I do not understand the intention of NLP Trainers who publish a pattern as it was documented in 1979 without the progression that has occurred since. Perhaps you can helpme here?

I did not mention TLT in my post, I was challenging the notion of root cause of emotions and I hypothesise that root causes are myths, there is no evidence to support this. A few people in this thread had suggested TLT’ seems’ to work, I rather work with things that do work. TLT in its scripted version is full of Milton Model and presupposition, I suggest the pre-frame, the use of language and the Practitioner’s congruency are ‘correlating factors’ in whether TLT is effective or not. If the client is suggestible and buys the into the C-E construct, the practitioner is congruent with the script, change is more likely to occur.

To subscribe to the notion that in our system there is a root cause for anger, sadness, fear and guilt and that by asking a question of an individual you will unhinge the ‘root cause’ which may even be in a different lifetime does not fit with NLP . I heard one of the key propagators of TLT say this s true for every human being. That is a big generalisation.

I think Timelines are useful for working with historical representations (memories are heavily filtered), and yes if you locate a client in a temporal position prior to certain experience, that experience will be different and the person is most likely to have access to more choices which can be anchored into the current experience to break the generalisations associated with historic patterns. This was the basis of early timeline work conducted by Richard Bandler and Robert Dilts & john Grinder at separate times, this far from C-E and an effective NLP pattern.