• Posted: February 2013
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Guest Blogger: NLP Identifying behaviour and changing it

Sometimes people behave in ways that are inappropriate.  A person may have personal habits or little idiosyncrasies that others may find offensive.  When a child is growing up, their bad behaviors can be corrected and stopped, but what if the person that is acting in a terrible manner is an adult?  What if this person has no idea his or her attitude is offense and detrimental to others? To help a person identify their behavior there is something called NLP, which stands for neuro linguistic programming.  With the help of an NLP practitioner, a person can transform their bad behavior into a brand new productive attitude.

NLP has been used in places that many people may find surprising.  Major corporations, sports teams, and even the military have looked into the power of neuro linguistic programming to help improve the people they have working for them.  The main principle behind NLP is that with the right attitude, a person can have a lot of positive things happen in their life.  The power of the positive will drive out the negative, and with that negativity gone, good things will start to come forth to that person.
An NLP practitioner has to teach a person a few things to really make NLP work for them.  The most important skill a practitioner will help someone perfect is the skill of subconscious control.  Within the human mind lies the subconscious and it is this area of the brain that is the guiding principle of a lot of things including behavior and attitude.  Everyone has done something subconsciously that they may have expressed that they did not want to do.  How did the subconscious make someone do what they truly did not want to do?  The reason why a person is controlled by the subconscious mind is because they are simply allowing it.  NLP will change the control a person has over their subconscious by training it to act in another way.
How does a person control their own subconscious?  Though it may sound strange, anyone can train their mind to act a certain way.  A person that wants to change their behavior with NLP has to replace their own behavior with that of someone else.  Is there someone that leads a model life that everyone admires?  By taking on the traits of this much admired and good person, a man or woman can train their subconscious, and therefore their own behaviors will be altered to something much more desirable.
NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming, and with this wonderful technique, a person can change for the better.  With the help of an NLP practitioner, a man or woman can train their subconscious, take on the behavior of someone they admire, and soon many good things will come to that person.

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  • These 4 days have taught me more about myself than I thought possible, and I have made long overdue changes.

    Alison Forster
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