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Golf, Sand and State part two

Last week I blogged in regards to state and sporting performance, the application area I pointed to was golf due to the Open golf championship that took place between Thursday and Sunday.  For those interested the championship concluded Sunday with Ernie Els winning his first major championship in over ten years, congrats to Ernie one of the most popular and elegant players on the tour who has had a up and down 10 years privately and professionally.

Els won thanks to his fantastic closing 9 holes and the stunning collapse of Adam Scott who threw away a four stroke lead on the last four holes when victory looked certain. Els was stunned to win but not as shocked as Scott was in not winning.

It all comes down to state!!

State is unconscious though it can be consciously amended, to get the long-lasting change and high performance,  state needs to be altered at an unconscious level so you don’t have to keep reminding yourself when you’re in the moment to change your physiology ect…. As conscious change is not practical it’s more powerful if it just happens naturally.
How can you work with state? Here are some examples below

-New Code games
-Anchoring and attaching resourceful states to states where resources are needed
-Timeline interventions to remove past barriers and memories
-Utilising unconscious signals for use with N step reframe
-Sub-modality map across

As you can see there are many ways to work with states. The best place to start is to think of two different states you have. One where you are relaxed and comfortable, the other where you are stressed and less resourceful. Notice the feelings, images ,  sounds you have attached to these contexts, notice your physiology what’s similar between the two states, what’s different?

From here you will have a sense of the unconscious signals attached to these contexts which will give you some great reference points for my next blog where we will go into more depth about how to coach others and yourself.

Until next time, saludos.


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  • An awesome 11 days. The most profound change I have ever experienced in such a short space of time. A fantastic experience.

    Mike Jackson
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