• Posted: July 2012
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Golf! Sand and State

The annual 3rd golfing major of the year begins this week “The open”. Any golfer will tell Golf is one of the most satisfying yet at the same time frustrating games in the world. One moment you’ve hit a beautiful 260 yard drive straight down the middle of the fairway, you’ve cracked it! Next shot you scuff it 10 yards into the rough. The margin of error is so small in golf and the harder you try the worse off the outcome is. It all comes down to state.

PGA tour professional golfers are all models of excellence; they are absolutely fantastic at their craft and any anyone of them could win the tournament on their day. In the UK we are blessed to have the number one and number two golfers in the world representing us. These two men are brilliant they win loads of tournaments, finish consistently among the top ten, but neither one of them has won what they really want a major, it’s the one thing missing from their illustrious resume. Lee Westwood many times has gone into the last round of a major in the lead but has not ended up as the victor.

Why is this?

It all comes down to State! In my next blog I will explain how you can coach this to others and implement high performance yourself into your daily life for optimum performance and state.

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