• Posted: September 2012
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Getting Commitment from clients

To get the best out of your sessions and out of your clients, commitment is a necessity. Lack of commitment is usually closely related to the context in their life that they are coming to work with you with, thus a pattern break in enforcing strict guidelines before, during and after a session is hugely beneficial to them.
Personally I am only willing to work with people who are ready and serious about achieving a change in their life with the area they are looking to work with. If someone fails to maintain my guidelines I simply do not work with them, as they have made a choice not to do what was asked of them. I’ve been amazed that later on down the line the amount of people who have thanked me for maintaining my stance congruently and have contacted me months down the line now ready and serious to work with the context.

Commitment enhancer’s pre- session

- Ensure the client completes a detailed diary before the coaching work, smoking diary, fear diary ect. If it’s not filled in properly send them back to do it again.
- Get payment upfront
- Set them a pre session task to do outside of their box, for example public speaking session watch 10 videos of high level public speakers and write down what they do well.
- Send them a coaching form 48 hours before and demand its filled in before the session. 

These are a few tips for getting commitment before the session, if they do this properly your of to a great start.

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  • Michael’s enthusiasm for the subject is all absorbing and consuming. It is clear that he can’t give enough, sometimes too much!

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