• Posted: September 2012
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Experts in not forgetting

An interesting documentary aired on channel four the other day analysing people who have an extraordinary memory for dates and events. It was fascinating to see how far and how accurate these individuals’ memories were. Even more fascinating was despite all the scientific analysis from renowned academics not one of them could offer a code as to what these people do to remember so effectively or to offer the reframe be experts in not forgetting.

Even more interesting is not one of the individuals had a conscious understanding as to what they do to recall this information. There are techniques to improve memory such as tagging object to memories, but nothing to the level shown by the stars of the documentary.
Imagine if a code could be developed, how easy it would be to learn languages, study complex subjects and build the hard-drive generation. Now that’s a modelling project!

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  • An amazing experience which has given me a lot to personally explore – both for me and in my job.

    Amanda Rowley
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