• Posted: July 2012
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Excited!! NLP in the Sun!!

In one months time after a year of planning our courses in Spain they will begin. We are for the first time taking our annual NLP practitioner course and Trainers Training with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll on the road.

Another first is that the training will be delivered in English and Spanish which I am sure will be a unique experience, of course we have translators to do this, but John and Michael have both been known to engage in other languages and you may be surprised how much Spanish the team has picked up in advance to offer the best experience possible to our English and Spanish speaking delegates. 
The resort is in an absolutely beautiful area, very quiet and the perfect place to learn NLP. As much as I as an Englishman love the UK, in Brighton/Croydon we can never guarantee the weather which can come as some shock to our delegates from warmer climates.  This year I can 99% guarantee you 30 degrees weather and glorious sunshine everyday which will be a nice pattern interrupt for us  As well as very well priced apartments and fantastic Spanish cuisine.

IF you have any question about how to prepare , or about signing up please call the office and we’ll do our very best to support you.  The trainers and team can’t wait for August to come and I am sure you will enjoy the experience as much as we do.

Until next time.


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  • Without a doubt the best NLP I have ever experienced. It has been both a personal and Professional Breakthrough for me and re-awakened my passion for learning more – and NLP Academy gives the best environment to do so!

    Terry McCoy
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