• Posted: December 2012
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End of Year Review

Hello to all, this is my final blog post of the year. It’s been a fantastically busy here at the Academy, our busiest and best yet. We’ve undertaken several new challenges such as venturing out to run our first Trainers Training abroad in sunny, Murcia. As well as the Business NLP Academy going from strength to strength.

Part of what we have been doing in 2012 is designing and readying ourselves for some brand new ventures to go alongside our current established course offerings. We will be setting up the revolutionary purely Hypnosis focused arm of our company, where we are creating a brand new authentic certification process to ensure we train the best, most innovative and creative Hypnotherapists anywhere in the world. We are also designing with John Grinder a brand new language programme utilising the most important skill in NLP modelling. More details will be released on both of these in the new year.

Important questions for review are.

What went well this year?
Can these things that went well, be improved further?
What other things could be improved on?
What am I thankful for over the last 12 months?
What people have been the most important ?
What business goals have I achieved over the last 12 months?
What other goals have I achieved over the last 12 months?

What am I going to do next year to improve even further?

On that note, have a great evening, thanks for reading and connecting with us in some way in 2012 and have an amazing new year?

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  • Michael’s enthusiasm for the subject is all absorbing and consuming. It is clear that he can’t give enough, sometimes too much!

    Edith Maskell
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