• Posted: July 2012
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Brand new seminar: Thought field therapy

Good day to all. I am absolutely delighted to announce the release of our inaugural TFT course that we are running here at the NLP Academy with internationally renowned trainer Kevin Laye. I met Kevin last year at the NLP conference and was immediately impressed with his NLP/Hypnosis skills it was only when I attended a programme of his that I (Jack Carroll) realised his passion for Thought Field therapy. I knew very little at the time about Thought Field therapy (TFT), but after the four days I spent with him I was sure this is something very powerful that we have to run here and offer to our lovely friends here at the NLP Academy.

The course is being held at the centre of the known universe, the NLP Academy in late September. It will be a two day intensive and is open to all levels and experience. Kevin is a master trainer of NLP and Hypnosis and to all those who are trained in NLP and Hypnosis there will be a big emphasis on how to combine TFT with what you already offer now, so you can build and strengthen that toolbox even more for your clients and yourself.
It’s going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to you joining us there.
Until next time.
Jack Carroll

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