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Have a £100.00 discount on an NLP Course in 2011

If you have been looking at taking a course in NLP, now is the perfect time. Why? You might ask. The answer is simple:

You can take advantage of a £100.00 + VAT DISCOUNT voucher off a course here at the NLP Academy in 2011. Your voucher can be redeemed against any NLP Academy course over 2 days in length. The good news is that you only have to activate the voucher now (before the 31st January) and you can then book your course any time during 2011. Having said that, with our current early booking prices in place you would be very wise to use the voucher against January’s prices and get double savings.

How do I activate my voucher?

It is important you contact the NLP Academy to activate your voucher before the 31st of January (Do it now 0208 686 9952) or Click here. You can then use the voucher whenever you chose in 2011.

In addition, if you redeem your voucher and book your course in January we will give you free online access to the NLP Practitioner study set for the month of January. This resource includes 28 hours of video filmed at a live Practitioner course, 800 power point slides and 600 pages of text. This is the most comprehensive online learning resource for practitioner material. The full license costs £499 inv VAT.

So, as a January special we are offering you:

£100 discount off an NLP Academy course in addition to
January early booking discounts
Free access to the NLPedia Practitioner Study set for January

Make 2011 your best year yet, by taking a course with the NLP Academy

Click here to activate your voucher

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