The New Code NLP Difference

November 11, 2010

Unconscious processes when properly organised and constrained produce deep, long term ecological changes circumventing the limitations of consciousness.  New code corrects design flaws of the classic code. Some of the New Code operating principles are below

1. The unconscious of the client is explicitly assigned the responsibility to select the critical elements ”“ the desired state, the resource or new behaviors.
2.  The unconscious is explicitly involved in all critical steps.
3. There are precise constraints placed upon the selection of new behavior(s) such that the new behaviors satisfy the original positive intentions of the behavior(s) to be changed.
4. The manipulation occurs at the level of state and intention as opposed to the level of behavior.

Whispering in the Wind, page 236, Bostic & Grinder 2001

In New Code, resource states are created directly through participation in an activity, often a game that itself creates a high performance state. This high performance state has neither history nor content attached. Conversely, in the Classic Code,  when a historical state is used, lets say through anchoring, the process drags along with it historical connections, associations and additional material of no relevance to the context of application. In some cases there is hidden material that is problematic in the historical resource states that are brought to inadvertently to pollute the current context.

New Code games activate neurological circuits that serve as the basis for changes in the context selected by the client.  The structure of the game is designed to ensure high performance states are present.

The set of games or activities which lead naturally to the activation in the player of a content free, high performance state are based on the Chain of Excellence


Performance is a function of state which can give you access to enormous resources at the unconscious level.  The most effective and straightforward way to activate such a state is through the manipulation of one’s physiology.  One of the most efficacious means for manipulating physiology is through the manipulation of breathing patterns. These elements are key features of New Code Games

This chain is a set of leverage points to shift a portion of one’s experience.  Manipulation of breathing is the simplest leverage point leading to a corresponding shift in physiology and subsequently in state and performance.  The proposition that underlies the chain is an explicit rejection of Descartes ‘original sin’ ”“ the split between mind and body ”“ that the words mind and body as referring to separate entities are fictions or worse.

The chain of excellence suggests that our ability to perform with excellence has certain associated states involving specific physiology.  The connection between performance/behavior and underlying states with their associated physiologies is how we communicate non-verbally and makes calibration possible.  The chain of excellence is a strategy that recognises and systematically exploits the power and wisdom of the unconscious.

Whispering in the Wind, page 233, Bostic & Grinder 2001


Experiences with these patterns of unconscious access seem to lead to what we now call the disciplined high performance state.  The new code change format induces the participant into a high performance state. In this state we are eschewing any expectations, freed of internal representations while attention is cleanly sensing contextual cues externally. All response patterns are equally accessible releasing to the unconscious the right and responsibility to select one of many practiced patterns during periods of preparation. The ability to suspend conscious filters without losing the benefits of the preparation is an advantage in the development and deployment of a know-nothing state.

The change format in the new code is a single ordered sequence consisting of four simple steps. It is essential for a coach to calibrate the player.

1. Select from 3rd position some context in which you would like a different quality of experience
2. Without attempting to change anything ”“ step into 1st position. See/hear/feel the situation.
Separator State
3. Play the game (e.g., the alphabet game, the NASA game) to enter high performance state
4.  At the end of the play (15 minutes or until the circuits are fully activated), the player without hesitation and most importantly without attempting consciously to influence the experience in any way steps back into the physical space where step 2 occurred ”“ the same physical space during step 2.

Whispering in the Wind, page 240, Bostic & Grinder 2001

The New Code places an implicit emphasis upon neurological transforms (all the mappings that occur between stimulus/receptor contact and the point at which we gain first access, FA,) level of experience rather than all the transforms that occur subsequently ”“ referred to as linguistic transforms, F2.

First Access
Linguistically mediated descriptions of the FA

The domain of the application of NLP patterning is representations, pure and simple.  At the level of FA we are operating with representations ”“ mental maps ”“ never the world itself.  The application of NLP patterning is expressly the manipulation of such representations.

The New Code is a radical extension of the principle underlying calibration ”“ the single most essential skill set for anyone wanting to use high quality NLP applications.  The New Code finally fulfills the promise of transforming the process of change into “generative change”.

Whispering in the Wind, page 36, Bostic & Grinder 2001

Bostic C., Grinder J., 2001, Whispering in the Wind, J & C Enterprises, Bonny Doon, CA

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