NLP and Wealth Creation

August 20, 2008

Obtaining wealth through use of NLP mindsets

It’s important to point out that wealth is so much more than money. Wealth includes many intangible benefits as well as the more tangible assets etc. Sometimes you can just observe in an individual a ‘wealthy state of mind.’ They have the air of confidence associated with wealth, they have an acute eye for scanning opportunities and a highly tuned decision making strategy. They do not care if they are going against external factors and trends. You may want to consider your own attitude to wealth creation and discover whether you have a ‘wealthy state of mind’?

From my observations, average earners who are not creating wealth yet and say they would like to, do not have a sense of a bigger picture. All of the wealthy and seriously wealthy people I have met or worked with had a big picture from the onset of their wealth creation. Some would refer to it at as their ‘vision’ that drove them. Their bigger picture in NLP speak included a clear representation of themselves wealthy, the things they could do with their wealth, knowing how that would make them feel. For some it was a status and power thing, for others it was kudos, for some it was pleasure enjoying family life, and others just enjoyed life….. in all cases (mine included) it was and is much more than money for the sake of money. So if you want to be wealthy have a vision of what’s it like to be wealthy and believe in the vision, more specifically believe in yourself enough to make the vision a reality. If, as I suggested in the first paragraph, you wrote down what it means to be wealthy, I now suggest you create a sensory rich representation of yourself having that wealth.

Having defined for yourself what is to be wealthy and created a clear representation of yourself as a wealthy person, I suggest you embed that representation into your unconscious mind. Here is an exercise called breath of life, useful for embedding representations deep in your unconscious. Do the following exercise for a week fifteen minutes a day.

1. Change state.  Sit in a comfortable position, hands on lap, cupped so thumb meets middle, ring, and little finger. Notice all feelings etc in your body, take a deep breath in through your nose and then exhale quickly. Do this three times. You should notice you release tension from your body, and you go into a different state, one of relaxed alertness.

2. In the relaxed alert state let your wealth representation come to mind. See the imagery, hear the sounds, and get a sense of how that makes you feel. Experience it as a life size movie or theatre play in front of you.

3. Create a breathing rhythm. Get a sense you are breathing life to the representation. Take a long slow breath in through your nose, hold, and exhale slowly. Ideally, your exhale should be twice as long as your inhale and the hold the same or slightly less than the inhale. As you breathe into your wealth image do not attempt to adjust the submodalities, just enjoy the experience.

4. Optional auditory component. If you want to add an auditory component, simply hear your inner voice saying ‘I am’.

The idea of the above is for you to have within your unconscious a representation of personal wealth creation. While this alone will not make you wealthy, it helps you to have an in built positive attitude and filter for wealth creation. When opportunities present themselves wealthy people use their innate attitude to act quickly and decisively. They have naturally been doing what you did in the exercise all their lives.  In the exercise above, you have overlapped visual, kinaesthetic and auditory modalities to create your own internal representation of wealth. In everyday speak you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. You are also tapping into the law of attraction, i.e. ‘like attracts like’.

Having worked on the big picture, it’s time to think how. From my observations ”“ get rich quick schemes only help the few people behind the scheme to actually get rich. There are many ways of creating wealth. You have lots of skills already that you can utilise.  You probably have ideas that may need flushing out to be more concrete. I always say if you can create wealth doing something you really enjoy, it’s an added bonus. You enjoy the process and you enjoy the wealth, it doesn’t seem like work, it’s fun.

Work smart and hard; Successful entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and because they have a big picture they work hard.  They also work smart; this means in business they surround themselves with people who have complementary skills. This means finding people to work with you if you have weak areas, and being okay with delegation. It’s also useful to consider pooling resources and undertake joint ventures on certain projects. The synergy works well as long as both parties are bringing something different of equal value to the venture.

Do detail very well. Being clear about the big picture is very important, equally important is the detail of the elements that make up the big picture. When it comes to making agreements be very clear about what you will deliver and what you expect. Put as much as you can in writing. Be good at planning and organisation. Its worthwhile investing the time in the detail in the present moment otherwise it can be costly in the future.

In summary, in each paragraph there is a theme and a recommendation. I will summarise the recommendations below:

1. Define what wealth means to you
2. Check your attitude to wealth, create a wealthy state of mind
3. Create your vision (big picture of wealth). Be clear about how you represent wealth in your internal representations.
4. Breathe life into your ‘vision’ by doing the breath of life exercise for ten minutes a day over a period of one week
5.  Work out how, avoid get rich quick schemes, create projects you enjoy
6. Work hard and smart. Build a strong team around you and be willing to undertake joint ventures
7. Be prepared for detail

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