• Posted in May 2016
  • Article written by Michael Carroll

New Code NLP Games, High performance States and The Alphabet Game

One of the key differences in New Code NLP compared with Classic Code NLP is New Code NLP operates at the level of state and Classic Code NLP operates at the level of behaviour

When you are working at the level of state you are working at a significantly higher logical level than behaviour. When working with state, you are operating in a way where a client has access to many more choices than the original NLP notion of consciously programming a new behaviour where an unwanted behaviour once existed. Whilst reprogramming behaviours can be successful it’s akin to turning an unhappy robot into a happy robot.

New Code NLP initiates processes that utilise left right hemispheric processing and have parallel processing activities across the three main representational systems, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic to create a natural high performance state in the player.

Unlike states accessed through classic NLP anchoring, the state accessed through a New Code NLP game, does not have any historic attachment and is this much more generative for change work. We call the highest level state assessed from a New Code NLP game the ‘Know Nothing State’, this is where a player is performing unconsciously at a very high level without conscious interference.

To play a New Code NLP Game, you do so using different spatial locations. We call this the New Code Change format. The games, Alphabet, NASA, Croydon Ball game and Alpha Touch are all played using the New Code Change format.

New Code Change Format

The Alphabet Game

Condition one

Condition two

Condition three

Once the player has played condition 3 for ten minutes,  the coach manoeuvres the player directly (without hesitation and never with a separator state) into the context established where he or she wants a different set of choices, (step 4 of the New Code Change Format).

Adapted from Whispering in the Wind, Carmen Bostic St Clair and John Grinder (2001)

About The Author

Michael Carroll is the founder and course director of the NLP Academy and co-founder with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair of the International Trainers Academy of NLP.

He is the only NLP Master Trainer in the world certified by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and he works closely with them in developing and delivering high quality NLP training.



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