My NLP Trainers Training Experience

July 25, 2015

By Jill Collins with comments by Michael Carroll

These last few weeks I [Michael Carroll] have been getting into the Trainers Training mindset, as more and more people are booking for the 2015 Trainers Training in Murcia. I truly believe, John, Carmen and I run the best Trainers Training in the world.

Last year we had attendees from 28 different countries and each one of them was very happy with their choice.

Today as I was pondering this article, I found myself looking at the historic feedback from people who attended past Trainers Training courses with us, I am so proud of everyone who has come through the course and in this article I share the testimonial written by Jill Collins, a past candidate who truly stepped up and raised her game.

Jill Collins writes

Having now completed Trainers Training I have had some time to reflect on and appraise the experience, including the final module. Just to say how very much of a journey of challenge and adventure it has been. Certainly what was promised in the literature was delivered – and so much more.  I am eternally grateful that you [Michael] and your team did not shrink from the task of affording respect over courtesy every time. Initially I observed some other participants trying to establish their credibility as a trainer.

Some talked a great talk, though did not walk the walk, had all the terminology, dropped all the names of courses they had attended, described amazing businesses they had created, lifestyles they had developed, expertise they believed they had. Yet when challenged to demonstrate their skills they had gap to fill, which you, John and Carmen truly supported.

As someone who places a high value on congruence and competence I wondered if I was in the wrong place – way out of my league and a tactical retreat could be in order. How glad I am that I stayed as it quickly became apparent from John Carmen and yourself as well as every assistant – this was certainly no place where prima donna’s with huge ego’s could remain unchallenged.

People who saw themselves as great operator’s, coaches, communicators – challenged to reflect and take feedback over and over again – such that change was inevitable and out and out arrogance was replaced with openness to change and an honest assessment and appraisal of ability.

For those closet trainers, reluctant retiring and under-confident – the process was the same, reflection and receiving feedback – again change under such conditions is inevitable an openness to change and an honest assessment and appraisal of ability. Hence the outcome for both types of would be trainers the same – an invitation to openness growth and development.

Was it a boot camp? No! There was no brutality, no pointless insults, no humiliation, and no belittling – just honest feedback, with an implicit and explicit intent to produce excellence in all who were willing to embrace the process.  What have I personally gained – apart from the certificate? A greater level of congruence in applying the techniques of NLP and modeling, in myself and with others. Some lasting friendships which are over above and beyond anything I could have anticipated, in depth, breadth and sheer fun! A knowing that I can train NLP confidently congruently and creatively in any situation I choose.

A flexibility in dealing with life and work situations which I previously considered impossible, allowing me to consider new possibilities regarding career. New perspective on what is possible for those clients and colleagues I work with. A curiosity to discover more and push the boundaries. Having just returned from holiday I wanted to pass on some positive feedback regarding something specific which happened on trainers training evaluation in July.

During the demo day you asked if anyone had a phobia and with some reluctance I said I did – a fear of bridges. You got a fellow participant to demonstrate the phobia intervention as part of their rest [this was in the evaluation phase of the course] and then you yourself recapped and showed how you would have done it slightly differently. All I knew was I was confused at the end of it!

The previous week I had had a panic attack going over Chiswick flyover on the Hogarth roundabout incurring an £80 fine as a result of abandoning my car! Following the intervention I drove over the flyover without a problem that evening, which I told you about at the end of evaluation.

For me that was wonderful and since then I have driven over some big bridges including the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland, The Queen Elizabeth Bridge in Kent and The Clifton Suspension Bridge all easily. However I had never put the small pedestrian bridge scenario to the test – knowing that was 100 times worse than the driving over bridges, and being apprehensive as to whether this really could have changed so quickly.

Whilst on holiday with a friend last week I had the opportunity to visit a massive tree house which was awesome – the only way to reach it was via a very long high level rope bridge suspended above the forest, no more than one person wide, with wooden slats, bouncing and swaying alarmingly.

It never occurred to me not to do it and it was only after crossing it and seeing numerous people refusing to cross that I realised what I had done so easily. Indeed I was then so excited having done it – I did it a few more times just because I could!  So – many thanks for what has proved to be a great and lasting change. Having no expectation of that type of change during evaluation it is a real bonus.

Jill now talks about how she has used New Code NLP and the Healer Within in her work as medical practitioner.

I am also immensely grateful that you were so open and willing to facilitate John getting in touch with me following The Healer Within course. So many trainers I observe seek to keep their distance from students and certainly would never facilitate or promote ongoing contact with themselves or guest trainers such as John and Carmen. That has not been your approach and I have experienced an open handedness from you which has allowed me the opportunity to grow and learn from some remarkable people.

I have worked in the health / social care field for over 20 years. Since discovering NLP 3 years ago and more specifically since attending The Healer Within and Trainers Training and having ongoing challenge from John,  I have been so very lucky to have the chance to apply what I have been taught, seen demonstrated, been challenged to go and discover and feel very privileged as I have seen people make some amazing changes including:

Someone who had been given 48 hours to live, with widespread terminal cancer on a continuous morphine and sedation pump recover, come off all medication and leave the hospital walking to return home.

Someone who had been severely brain injured for 20 years and had not spoken for that length of time, and was unable to understand the spoken word, recovered normal speech and is able to understand other
people speaking too.

Someone who had lost their swallowing reflex as a result of an accident and was tube fed weighing 6 stone,  regained their swallowing reflex has had the feeding tube removed and has achieved a normal
weight and is able to eat a normal diet.

Someone who had a severe stroke and had been wheelchair bound and in residential care for 4 years, has left care and moved into a house of their own.

Someone with end stage Huntingdon’s Disease with uncontrolled muscle spasms kept in a padded bed with high sides and on heavy duty medication to reduce spasms who frequently would be thrown from her wheelchair by the spasms has come off all medication with reduced spasms to manageable levels,  able to remain at home, go out to shops, eat out and participate in normal life.

Someone with end stage dementia who had not communicated meaningfully for years was able to ask for a vodka and participate in games with a group.

A four year old boy diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (autism) improved his assessed communication level by 2 years in 3 weeks.

My son who shattered his eye socket in February which was partially rebuilt during 4 hours of emergency surgery with 5 titanium plates and numerous screws, but not enough bone to complete the job so gaps were left and a severed facial nerve rejoined with poor hope of success. He recovered from surgery so quickly he was off all drips, oxygen and eating a full meal within 15 minutes of returning from theatre.

He was told further surgery was essential as the damage was so severe this was a “first step” to him regaining a normal face.

His response – “Doctors talk a load of depressing shit – whose body is it anyway?!”  He was discharged the next morning at his request into my care and six months on at review his face is absolutely normal and the nerve has regrown so no further intervention is required.

All these and there are lots more – directly as a result of the input I have received the challenges presented the curiosity aroused by people like John and yourself. So I hope you realise you and John both had a hand to play in these peoples positive outcomes!

Thank you and I would welcome the chance to hear more about your perspective views on healing at some stage.

Michael Carroll writes

So the above is not just about Trainers Training, it’s a genuine account of how a woman raised her game and personal congruence to do an outstanding job at Trainers Training. In doing so she broke through her heights phobia and integrated New Code Healing processes [from another course] into her work practice. I have many more stories like Jill’s on my computer and like I say I am proud of everyone who has come through the course.

Are you ready, to raise your game, become an NLP Trainer with John, Carmen and I and take full advantages of the NLP benefits ahead?

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