• Posted in December 2016
  • Article written by Michael Carroll

Getting clarity in the uncertainty of life

As 2016 draws to a close, the events of the year have given many people a roller coaster ride. With so many unexpected deaths of celebrities including George Michael, Rick Parfitt, AA Gill, Prince, David Bowie and Caroline Aherne,  it’s understandable that when the famous people we grew up with pass, we begin to wonder about our own mortality. 

Who would have thought a year ago Teresa May would be the Prime Minister of the UK and Donald Trump the next president of the USA? Probably least of all May and Trump themselves! Who would have thought the UK would be setting up to leave the European Union, Nigel Farage himself had serious doubts whether this could be achieved, but was committed enough to keep pushing for his dream. David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, a year ago probably thought that remaining in the UK was a safe bet and he would go down in history as the man who settled the UK European membership once and for all, he did, but not the way he was planning.

It most likely seemed a safe bet for Mr Cameron a year ago, and that’s the problem with playing as if it’s a safe bet. You drop your guard, you’re not as hungry and in ‘NLP speak’ your senses are not turned up to their full level, and thus you do not have the levels of calibration for what is happening around.

So what does 2017 have in store for you? You simply do not know, and if 2016 was anything to go by there is most likely to be uncertainty. We all could face bereavement, political upheaval, relationship difficulties, job loss, health challenges to name a few. Wow, you might be thinking, this article is a bit gloomy and uninspiring, the new year hasn’t even started yet and where most articles in the personal development field focus on the magic of creating a great year ahead, this article seems to point to death, job loss, relationship challenges and health issues.

The 5 Principles of Success

1. Know your outcome

2. Take action

3. Have sensory acuity, use your senses with precision.

4. Have behavioural flexibility

5. Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence

Breathing – Physiology – State – Performance

I wish you the best for an amazing 2017


About The Author

Michael Carroll is the founder and course director of the NLP Academy and co-founder with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair of the International Trainers Academy of NLP.

He is the only NLP Master Trainer in the world certified by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and he works closely with them in developing and delivering high quality NLP training.