• Posted in June 2008
  • Article written by Michael Carroll

FAQ NLP Academy Trainers Training

Your questions answered

For this special NLP Academy Trainers Training John Grinder and his partner Carmen Bostic St Clair have teamed up with Michael Carroll and designed the ultimate Trainers Training experience. Through the years of NLP being handed down through generations of new trainers, the original ethos in many cases has been lost or disregarded. As result quality has suffered. John, Carmen and Michael have a mission to bring back high quality trainings to the field of NLP , and the best way to achieve this is to train the trainers. Together John, Carmen and Michael are an exceptional team and by pooling their skills they will deliver a dynamite training, that is second to none in the field of NLP. Here your questions are answered in our comprehensive Trainers Training FAQ.

Q. What makes the ITA Trainers Training special?

The ITA was launched to bring the Grinder hallmark of authenticity to people seeking to become NLP Trainers. This course is for Trainers who have high standards and want to attend an NLP Trainers Training that challenges them to raise their NLP style, knowledge and practical skills to new levels. John, Carmen and Michael are an outstanding team,  who have totally re-written Trainers Training for the modern trainer.

You will be learning to teach NLP in keeping with the ethos and philosophy of the man who man who jointly invented the field. Carmen is an expert on designing creative learning contexts and Michael is one of the most experienced UK NLP Trainers who has been prolific in taking New Code NLP to the European NLP community and highly successful in building the NLP Academy as a leading provider of NLP training in the UK.

Q. I have little or no NLP experience, can I take Module I?

We suggest some NLP experience for module I, ideally at least an NLP Practitioner course please call the office for more options 0208 686 9952

Q. I have done short style Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, what do I need to do to meet the entry requirements for the full training (Modules I II & III)?

There are several options

Specialist Courses
If you have taken shorter Certification courses (less than 125 hours at Practitioner and Master Practitioner) but you have NLP experience as a result of taking lots of specialist courses e.g. The 4 day New Code NLP course, 4 day Modelling course, NLP Advanced Skills, The Healer Within, Metaphors and Butterflies or similar courses with other NLP companies, your total NLP hours of training may be sufficient to satisfy the entry level criteria. If you want to apply for Trainers Training on the basis you have attended shorter Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, but have subsequently completed a number of other NLP courses give full details of all your NLP Training on the application form.

In cases such as those outlined above, we may suggest that you acquire the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Multi Media study sets to ensure you are grounded in the content of NLP, or to assist you make up the shortfall in hours you may have.

NLPedia Study Sets
Imagine having a complete video library of all the Practitioner and Master Practitioner patterns and techniques. Imagine all the live demonstrations and explanations accompanied by simultaneous transcriptions for you to follow what is being said. Imagine the video action and text transcription being accompanied by slides presenting a graphic of everything that is happening. Such technology was once in peoples’ imagination, now this is reality with the NLP Academy NLPedia Study Sets.

The NLP Academy have developed NLPedia sets for the Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. Each set included professionally edited film track, recorded at a live training, accompanied by graphic slides and full transcription. The NLPedia study sets are the most comprehensive home learning tools in NLP. With NLPedia you have a full multi media video library of both Practitioner and Master Practitioner information.

NLPedia Practitioner
A complete NLP Practitioner course on your computer screen in easy to use format that is fully searchable.

  • 7 CD ROMS
  • 25 Hours of video edited from a live training
  • 800 Powerpoint Slides
  • 600 Pages of text

Master Practitioner NLPedia
A complete NLP Master Practitioner course on your computer screen

  • 7 CD ROMS
  • 34 Hours of video edited from a live training
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • 700 Pages of text

Highly recommended for preparing for Trainers Training.


£499 inc VAT
Special price if you book ITA Trainers Training, £399 inc VAT

Master Practitioner
£599 inc VAT
Special price if you book ITA Trainers Training, £499 inc VAT

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Q. I have done short style Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses, can I attend just Modules I & II together?

Yes, if you are certified as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner, through shorter style courses, you can attend Modules I & II together, excluding certification.

Q. I meet the entry requirements for the full training, but I did my Practitioner and Master Practitioner a long time ago, is there a way for me to brush up my skills prior to attending?

You can purchase NLPedia Practitioner or Master Practitioner Multi Media study sets which have a full video of the trainings, complete with slides and transcripts. How to prepare

Q. Is there any ongoing license fee if I choose to certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners as result of my Trainer certification?

No, once you are certified as a Trainer, there are no further fees to pay.

Q. Do I get automatic membership of the ITA after this course

You are eligible to join the ITA after taking Trainers Training. See the different levels of membership on this site. You will review your membership annually on the basis you remain within the key criteria for membership published on this site.

Q. How soon after gaining my NLP Trainer certification can I certify people who attend my own NLP trainings?

Technically, straight away. We do however encourage you to spend some time integrating what you have learned at Trainers Training by running short introduction courses, or by assisting and observing an experienced NLP trainer in action.

Q. What are the legal issues regarding training NLP?

There is a legally binding document through which Bostic, Grinder and Bandler mutually affirm the others rights to train and award recognition for such training. Click here to see this document

Q. How much of the course does each Trainer teach?

Module I: Michael Carroll teaches 2 days and John Grinder and Carmen Bostic teach 4 days

Module II: Michael Carroll teaches 3 days and John Grinder and Carmen Bostic teach 5 days

Module III: There is no teaching per se. The evaluation is led by Michael Carroll and his team of trainers. The standards are agreed between Michael Carroll, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. The certificates are signed by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll

Q. What happens if I do not pass the certification?

If you are taking the initial certification and do no not pass you will be tasked to build your skills and you will be invited back for the additional certification. If you are attending the additional certification and do not pass, you will be invited back to The NLP Academy offices later to demonstrate competency. There is no extra charge for either option above.

Q. How high are the standards?

The standards are very high. We expect a Certified Trainer of NLP to be a model of excellence. The objective is to prime and develop the best of the best NLP Trainers in the world. How to prepare

Q. What are the criteria for passing?

The criteria for passing is detailed on the Trainers Training page. Criteria for Passing

About The Author

Michael Carroll is the founder and course director of the NLP Academy and co-founder with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair of the International Trainers Academy of NLP.

He is the only NLP Master Trainer in the world certified by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and he works closely with them in developing and delivering high quality NLP training.



  • Without a doubt the best NLP I have ever experienced. It has been both a personal and Professional Breakthrough for me and re-awakened my passion for learning more – and NLP Academy gives the best environment to do so!

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