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Covid 19 Policy

The Costa Rica Covid cases are reducing and with the current situation we are confident the course will not be affected by Covid restrictions on public gatherings. That said, Covid 19 is unpredictable and a high level of flexibility is required to manage the commercial consequences.

If through Covid restrictions the course is not able to proceed live, all candidates can attend online and be qualified to offer online NLP Diplomas, and be offered a FREE repeat on the next scheduled live training where the can complete the live evaluation for full Trainers Training accreditation.

As an alternative option, for people who attend online, we will also be offering the 4 day evaluation live in Latin America, Europe, Canada and Asia hosted by satellite trainers for people to get full accreditation as soon as possible, should Covid get in the way of the November/Dec course

The NLP Academy core policy in dealing with the effects of Covid on live training, is to be as flexible as possible, something we have got very good at in the last 18 months