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The Triad of Skills to be Successful in NLP

How easy is it to start a Coaching NLP Practice? This is a question I am frequently asked. Sometimes it shows up in slightly different words like ‘how easy is it make money with NLP’?. The answer to both questions is the same, ‘You can start an NLP Coaching Practice and make a very healthy six figure income - if you are prepared to put in some hard work.  It also requires some innovation to get your name out there and, as you build your practice, it takes some good business management skills to take care of the money side and grow the practice.

A good question from here is, ‘if it’s that easy why isn’t everybody who takes an NLP Practitioner training earning £100,000 + per year?’ That question is not so easy to answer, there some pointers:

Three reasons why people are not successful in NLP

  • The course they chose did not give them the skills to be confident to start a practice. This certainly seems to be the case with the shorter courses and home study supported courses
  • The course they chose did not emphasise ‘self application’ of NLP and therefore the Practitioner is not operating from a mindset of success. In certain cases they are operating from the complete opposite dimension to success and have a strange attitude to creating wealth and being successful
  • They lack simple business skills and if this is the case are unwilling to invest in hiring or partnering with people who do have the right skills

So to succeed in NLP you can make the following choices

  • Choose a course that gives you all the skills and practice time for you to be confident in your work as a coach (7 days is not enough time and home - study is a not a substitute for the practical experience of live training
  • Apply NLP patterning on yourself. The ideal NLP course will ensure self application is a major aspect of the course. Good NLP Practitioners are congruent and open to attracting and creating wealth, living healthily and having constructive relationships
  • If necessary, learn the business skills to enable you to be successful or hire a business manager

I am amazed at the number if well trained NLP Practitioners and Coaches who really know how to effect change in another person BUT do not achieve their own business goals. These people operate from a limited mindset and lack the abundant attitude that attracts, creates and builds wealth. The same people lack core business skills including sales and marketing and thus do not attract clients to work with.  To succeed you must be the opposite to what I describe above.

Building an NLP coaching practice involves the interplay of several factors that include a triad of skills. These are developing very strong NLP skills, NLP self application skills and business skills. See diagram below.


I am confident that NLP Academy course provides people will great skills to start a practice. I cannot over emphasise the value of ‘practising’ these skills after the course to become excellent.  The course is designed for you to integrate NLP into your everyday life, so you enjoy success. As for the business skills side, I will be running a free evening called ‘Starting an NLP Coaching Practice’ on the 3rd February, where I will cover the following topics:

  • The viability of earning a healthy living through NLP
  • How to attract clients
  • Developing your area of expertise
  • Building your reputation in your area of expertise
  • Opening corporate doors

The evening will commence at 6.30 pm and continue until 9.00 pm. I will give a formal presentation until 8.00 pm and then I will take questions and answers from the floor. The last part of the evening will be informal where you can meet the NLP Academy team members on a one to one basis and ask your questions. If you would like to come please click here

The intention of this evening is not to sell our courses; the courses are good enough to sell themselves. The intention is to share knowledge of some core practical business ideas that can help people get started in this field. I often say that being a coach is the best job in the world, you get paid for doing something you love and help people live amazing lives.

It doesn’t get better than that.

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