• Posted: October 2012
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Circle of Excellence

1. Identify the external triggers for an unresourceful state. These could be
visual, auditory, tactile, smell or taste stimuli. 

2. Create an imaginary circle in front of you or mark a circle out on the floor

3. Build resources in the circle. Recall times when you were performing in states
of excellence. As you feel a state build, step into the circle fully associated to the experience, adjusting your body and breathing, seeing, hearing and feeling as if you are there. Step out of circle when the state tapers off.

4. Repeat the process with other states of excellence.

5. Test your circle of excellence. From a neutral state, step into your circle. If you
naturally feel your resources you have a circle of excellence.

6. Collapse:  Access the trigger elicited in step 1, as you step into the circle of
excellence. Repeat process with each old trigger. 

This is a spatial collapse anchors pattern

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    Rachel Marks
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