ITA New Code NLP Trainer since 2014, actively working and collaborating with the NLP Academy as well as the International Trainers Academy (ITA) since 2012.

He is one of the most experienced and active New Code Trainers in the world, closely working with the Spanish speaking population.

He participates as a Mentor and coordinator for the “NLP in the Sun” events since 2013, working closely in delivering the seminars with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair & Michael Carroll.

Ricardo Robalino is the Director and founder of “Crecer con PNL” teaching NLP courses and application in Latin America and Spain.

He works closely with all the Spanish speaking ITA trainers, as well as being the coordinator and providing ongoing support to our ever growing NLP Community.


  • I wanted to learn real NLP with people who cared about NLP and not ‘package and profit’. I found it, along with some very special people. Genuine, genuine people.

    Steve Farrugia
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