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Hi there everyone! Allow me to introduce myself ........ Nice to join you all at The NLP Academy ......
Posted: 18 July 2014 05:11 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi Everyone, I’m Allison Spargo of People for the Future Ltd (http://www.peopleforthefuture.co.uk).  I am an NLP Practitioner and am new to The NLP Academy. I work with wonderful professionals on a 1:1 basis who are looking to up their game,  increase their EQ, and who may potentially be looking to make a career transition.  Also working with leadership teams on transformational and transactional journeys to increase efficiency & effectiveness. I am particularly passionate about the work I do helping women back to work after a career break, or indeed to help them progress in their careers.  Behaviours and neuroscience are the areas in which I am passionately interested and am always looking to increase my knowledge and understanding.

If you have any recommendations of new books to read and interesting you tube videos, I’m always grateful for suggestions!

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