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State Builders, Alphabet & Arrow Games Combined
Posted: 12 July 2010 10:17 AM   [ Ignore ]
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As part of my morning preparation before day one of a 2 day training event, I woke up early and used State Builder 1 and the Breath of Life Application before going through my training manual and training notes.  I then played the Alphbet Game after all the preparation was done and used the training room as teh context where i wanted to have a very different and positive experience.

I really enjoyed the experience and low and behold Day one of the training was extraordinary for me, in many ways.

At the end of the day, i did wonder if the work was done and would carry over onto Day 2 of the training or whether or not i would be required to do a similar process for Day 2?

Anyway, on Day2, i got up early to do some prep and this time i used the Arrows game, up to step 4, without doing the Breath of Life first, and although i recognised a shift, i didn’t get the sense that it was as deep as the previous day.  Subsequently, the training went well enough, but i did not feel as though i had activated as high a performance state as Day 1.

So my questions are…
Is there an overide effect everytime a New Code format is used with the same or similar context?
Does the combination of tools have an impact?
Can combining tools have a negative or diminishing return/impact?

Oh another point.  when i used Sanctuary myself the other month, it was with reference with co-delivering with a particular consultant.  I didn’t had the same level of anxiousness and stressful feelings when i met with her a few days before we were due to train together - so there has been some shift.  And it was the same person i was training the 2 Day training with last week - i don’t know if there’s a link.

Many thanks

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Hi Oenca

Do you play these game’s on your own or with another person.

If you do play them on your own…. How do you know when you are in peak high perfomance state? (HPS unconscious flow)

All the best


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